Pupils sitting on the floor around a teacher with their hands up

How to deal with hate and intolerance in the classroom

Practical approaches to deal with hurtful remarks from students

Red, green and yellow cups

Embedding formative assessment in practical work

Encouraging discussion and peer support

Child wearing helmet and astronaut costume

How to engage more students with science

What the science capital teaching approach can do for you


Mapping compound structure and bonding

How everyday compounds’ properties can be linked to their bonding and structure with a ‘structure triangle’

Chairs in a theatre

Performing chemistry

The benefits of bonding theatre and science

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July 2017: find out how bailing buckets can help students understand equilibrium and discover what makes them aspire to a career in science.

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Girl looking into the sky with binoculars

The possibilities are endless

6 September 2017By

Helping students see their future in chemistry

Swiss Army Knife on wooden floor

Transfer of learning: thinking well

20 September 2017By

Three thoughts to help apply learning to new problems

Holiday sun cream cartoon

A real fake tan: melanin minus mutation

Rowan Frame explains how a new drug might make sunburn a thing of the past


Aqua regia

Capable of dissolving gold and platinum, the most aristocratic of acids

Colourful lacquered boxes


The irritating compounds responsible for the poison ivy rash

Cartoon - a palm tree and a coconut tree fighting over a banknote

Palming new notes

The ethical headache with making new banknotes