White phosphorus oxidising vigorously and in a glass Pasteur pipette, creating a small jet of flame

Flaming phosphorus

How to generate your own white phosphorus for a fiery oxidation demonstration

Child tying shoelaces on red American sneakers

How to support students with dyspraxia

Poor muscular coordination makes some activities difficult

Four cartoon outline students with thought and speech bubbles

Making practicals more meaningful

Use conflicting explanations to increase engagement

A glass dish of boiling water on a gas hob

Four simple experiments with counter-intuitive results

Stimulate more thought and discussion

Tungsten carbide saw cutting metal

Tungsten carbide

The alloy that links armour-piercing bullets and ball point pens

Top view of solar panels in a solar farm

Caesium chloride

A versatile compound used in cancer treatment, solar cells and even making beer

Cartoon- as if the toxic gas cloud were the result of boiling socks

Toxic cloud remains a mystery

We might never know what happened at Birling Gap in August. Ida Emilie Steinmark investigates

Small plasticine astronauts

Sodium poly(acrylate)

Need some fake snow for your Christmas party? Simply look inside an astronaut’s suit

Holiday sun cream cartoon

A real fake tan: melanin minus mutation

Rowan Frame explains how a new drug might make sunburn a thing of the past

  • Rate experiments

  • Practical distillation

  • Observation skills

  • Practical electrolysis

  • Practical chromatography

Round bottomed flask containing ammonium dichromate as it decomposes

Containing the dichromate volcano

An updated and safer version of this classic, spectacular chemistry demonstration


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Purifying water in vulnerable areas and the ammonium dichromate volcano demonstration.

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