A scatter graph on a chalk board with one clear outlier / anomalous data point

Help students explain anomalous results

Ideas for routine practice to get students thinking deeper

A trombone solo

What is SOLO taxonomy?

Applications in the chemistry classroom

Copper solution burning on a wooden splint in a bunsen burner flame, producing a green flame

Practical advice for inclusive science teaching

Often simple steps are sufficient

Piles of books

Effective revision

Are your students staring at revision guides and fiddling with coloured pens?

Two people in Hazmat suits around a bench covered in plastic

A state secret leak is helping to solve the Skripal poisoning

The role of scientist whistle-blowers from Russia

Tetranitromethane CN4O8 molecule isolated on white


A failed rocket fuel oxidiser with an elusive structure

Tungsten carbide saw cutting metal

Tungsten carbide

The alloy that links armour-piercing bullets and ball point pens

Top view of solar panels in a solar farm

Caesium chloride

A versatile compound used in cancer treatment, solar cells and even making beer

Cartoon- as if the toxic gas cloud were the result of boiling socks

Toxic cloud remains a mystery

We might never know what happened at Birling Gap in August. Ida Emilie Steinmark investigates

  • How to teach mixtures and solutions

  • Rate experiments

  • Practical distillation

  • Observation skills

  • Practical electrolysis

White phosphorus oxidising vigorously and in a glass Pasteur pipette, creating a small jet of flame

Flaming phosphorus

How to generate your own white phosphorus for a fiery oxidation demonstration


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