Illustration of female student with cable in her hand, blocks of Greek/Latin root words on her right, blocks of English science related words on here left; the cables link the Greek/Latin origins to the English words

How to help students decode science vocabulary

The keys to understanding the language of chemistry

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Bringing cutting-edge chemistry to the classroom

How to use the latest scientific developments to inspire your class

An image showing a word cloud made of command words used in chemistry exam papers, all in shades of blue

Help your students master command words

Prepare students for exam questions

A picture showing a girl sitting on a chair and gazing out of the image, behind her is a desk with lamp, books and pens

Three sure-fire revision methods

Tackle the revision bogeyman

Cartoon showing workman with saw and hammer offering to take up the hem of a lady's dress. A mannequin is to her right and there are rolls of cloth disguised as tree trunks behind

Chemists branch out into dressmaking

When high fashion starts in the lab

Wearing a mask and snorkel to chop onions


How onions make you cry

Pink light bulb


A molecule with two very different use: it’s in pH indicators and – laxatives

  • How to make lab work safe

  • Chemical formulas and equations

  • Monitoring reactions

  • Separation techniques

  • Acids, bases and salts

A picture of red glow

Lighting up oxygen

Excite your students with chemiluminescence


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