A picture showing a girl sitting on a chair and gazing out of the image, behind her is a desk with lamp, books and pens

Three sure-fire revision methods

Tackle the revision bogeyman

A picture of a school student carrying a lunch tray

How to help disadvantaged students learn

Improve outcomes for underprivileged learners

A picture showing a pink-iced cake, cut into eight, a hand going to pick up each piece

How to collaborate effectively

Advice from an established network

An image showing a stressed teacher, sat at a desk, with hands in front of face. Blue walls, whiteboard in background

Dealing with stress

Knowing the signs – and what to say

Jigsaw puzzle pieces showing half the EU flag merging into half of the Union flag shutterstock 1151373788

Brexit means Brexit


Can we know what it will mean for education?

Cartoon showing workman with saw and hammer offering to take up the hem of a lady's dress. A mannequin is to her right and there are rolls of cloth disguised as tree trunks behind

Chemists branch out into dressmaking

When high fashion starts in the lab

Wearing a mask and snorkel to chop onions


How onions make you cry

Pink light bulb


A molecule with two very different use: it’s in pH indicators and – laxatives

Cartoon about Apple devices exposed to helium.

Apple plus helium equals trouble

Why Apple devices and helium don’t mix

Illustration showing the evolution of man into a scientist

Nobel prize awarded for evolving green chemistry catalysts

New enzymes work as ‘greener’ catalysts in chemical industry

  • How to make lab work safe

  • Chemical formulas and equations

  • Monitoring reactions

  • Separation techniques

  • Acids, bases and salts

A picture of red glow

Lighting up oxygen

Excite your students with chemiluminescence


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