Retro, pop art, man in a suit panicking

Three tips for teaching outside your subject specialism

Found yourself lost in the wilds of a new discipline? Don’t panic!

Three students sitting at a table with a tablet, pens, paper, having a discussion

Constructive conversations with talk triplets

How to teach chemistry through classroom dialogue

A half-open chest freezer

Why I put mock exams in the freezer

But only after cooking them at 80°C

Diagram of a flask next to an evaluation sheet

Help students evaluate experiments

Tips to get all students suggesting improvements to practicals

Cartoon – a pupil has left behind a pile of empty energy drink cans and a person-shaped hole in the wall

Do teenagers drink too many energy drinks?

Effects of high caffeine doses under scrutiny

Two people in Hazmat suits around a bench covered in plastic

A state secret leak is helping to solve the Skripal poisoning

The role of scientist whistle-blowers from Russia

Tetranitromethane CN4O8 molecule isolated on white


A failed rocket fuel oxidiser with an elusive structure

Tungsten carbide saw cutting metal

Tungsten carbide

The alloy that links armour-piercing bullets and ball point pens

Top view of solar panels in a solar farm

Caesium chloride

A versatile compound used in cancer treatment, solar cells and even making beer

  • Evaporation, filtration and crystallisation

  • Mixtures and solutions

  • Rate experiments

  • Practical distillation

  • Observation skills

Pieces of paper covered in thermochromic ink in front of an open microwave

Light-speed learning

A quick, fun way to get students thinking about random and systematic errors, accuracy and precision


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Ideas for teaching mixtures and solutions. Help your students understand mechanisms.

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