Autism in an academic text

How to support students with autism spectrum disorder

Some simple things you can do to help them

Pencil and pencil rubber on wooden desk

How to make effective interventions

Try a pinchpoint approach to diagnose and address the reasons for learners’ mistakes in school science

Cartoon woman with many hands and office objects in hands

Using research to save time

Think you’re too busy to engage in education research? Here are some ways to approach research-informed practice so it actually saves you time

Sketch, bridging a gap using building blocks

Four steps to explaining scientific concepts

How do you explain new, abstract and complex ideas effectively in the classroom?

Top view of solar panels in a solar farm

Caesium chloride

A versatile compound used in cancer treatment, solar cells and even making beer

Cartoon- as if the toxic gas cloud were the result of boiling socks

Toxic cloud remains a mystery

We might never know what happened at Birling Gap in August. Ida Emilie Steinmark investigates

Small plasticine astronauts

Sodium poly(acrylate)

Need some fake snow for your Christmas party? Simply look inside an astronaut’s suit

Holiday sun cream cartoon

A real fake tan: melanin minus mutation

Rowan Frame explains how a new drug might make sunburn a thing of the past


Aqua regia

Capable of dissolving gold and platinum, the most aristocratic of acids

  • Practical distillation

  • Observation skills

  • Practical electrolysis

  • Practical chromatography

  • Laboratory skills

Round bottomed flask containing ammonium dichromate as it decomposes

Containing the dichromate volcano

An updated and safer version of this classic, spectacular chemistry demonstration

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