Man sprinting out of the blocks on a track

The three best lesson starter activities

How to engage students while recapping old topics

A group of A-level students doing a practical experiment, boy using a pipette to add to a test tube.

Enabling students to learn from practical work

Design your practical course for deeper student understanding

Close-up of scientists observing a reaction

Help students connect observations to theory

Talking activities that give a deeper understanding of practical work

The Tyne Bridge over the river Tyne in Newcastle, Gateshead, at night

Including careers in the curriculum

A simple way to add guidance to lessons

Out of foucs man holding an overdose rescue kit, which contains naloxone


The life-saving antidote to opioid overdose

Person wearing a 'Bazinga!' cape, from The Big Bang Theory TV series


How a TV catchphrase inspired a synthetic chemical compound

Carbon dioxide on holiday

Why did we run out of carbon dioxide?

And what does it have to do with the Haber–Bosch process?

A dozen male cyclists in a tight grouping pictured from the front


A compound with a range of medical uses that found itself embroiled in a cycling controversy

Cartoon – a pupil has left behind a pile of empty energy drink cans and a person-shaped hole in the wall

Do teenagers drink too many energy drinks?

Effects of high caffeine doses under scrutiny

  • Acids, bases and salts

  • Elements and compounds

  • Making measurements

  • Hazards, safety and apparatus

  • Evaporation, filtration and crystallisation


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