An image showing beakers containing the chemoluminescent compound luminol in beakers

The glow stick reaction

Light up the classroom with this simple, safe and value-for-money demonstration of chemiluminescence

An image showing a child (wearing a blue T-shirt) solving a maths problem using the bar model on a whiteboard

They’ll learn more with bar models

Simplify the maths in science with this pictorial approach – and improve understanding

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Bringing cutting-edge chemistry to the classroom

How to use the latest scientific developments to inspire your class

An image showing a word cloud made of command words used in chemistry exam papers, all in shades of blue

Help your students master command words

Prepare students for exam questions

An image showing an unsolved puzzle of chemical structures

Why chemistry won’t be solved


Kit Chapman explains why chemistry is still a vibrant and relevant subject for study

Cartoon showing workman with saw and hammer offering to take up the hem of a lady's dress. A mannequin is to her right and there are rolls of cloth disguised as tree trunks behind

Chemists branch out into dressmaking

When high fashion starts in the lab

Wearing a mask and snorkel to chop onions


How onions make you cry

Pink light bulb


A molecule with two very different use: it’s in pH indicators and – laxatives

Cartoon about Apple devices exposed to helium.

Apple plus helium equals trouble

Why Apple devices and helium don’t mix

  • How to teach states of matter and particle theory

  • How to make lab work safe

  • Chemical formulas and equations

  • Monitoring reactions

  • Separation techniques

Series of four glass beakers, each containing a different coloured solution

Oscillating magic?

Wow them with a colour change reaction


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