An illustration showing a woman hanging off the bottom of an unravelling, long to-do list

Overworked and undervalued?

TALIS survey reveals reality of teaching in England

An image showing a male and a female student working together on a practical

Tackling practicals for students with SEND

It’s easy when you’re prepared

An image showing an organic mechanism

Teaching organic mechanisms

How to help students get to grips with organic reaction mechanisms

An image showing different units and measures

Working with units and prefixes

How to help students use units and prefixes correctly and easily convert between them

An image showing the text and a drawing of a sun, all against a green background

We're all going on a summer holiday

No more working for six weeks or so, no more worries for me or you

A cartoon showing two snakes chatting about snakebite research while each holding a newspaper

Biting back

Snakebites are inevitable, the resulting deaths and disabilities need not be

An image showing three test tubes, each containing magnesium strips in hydrochloric acid solutions of different concentrations

Hydrochloric acid

The science behind one of the most commonly used laboratory acids

An image showing pickle jars

Ethanoic acid

Hayley Bennett reveals the science behind everyone’s favourite household acid

  • Atoms, molecules and ions

  • States of matter and particle theory

  • How to make lab work safe

  • Chemical formulas and equations

  • Monitoring reactions


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