education research

  • A bored student listening to a science teacher

    Changing attitudes

    1 September 2008

    Durham University researchers studied why students lose interest in science as they go through secondary school and why boys favour science more than girls

  • The surface of the moon

    Talking About Science

    1 September 2008

    US researchers investigated how much students learn through classroom discussions on scientific topics

  • Student using computer
    The Mole

    Online discussion

    1 September 2007

    US researchers report on an online discussion system which is designed to integrate and support scientific discussions within the classroom

  • A student holding a test tube

    GCSE for the 21st century

    1 May 2007

    The first in a series of evaluations of the Twenty first century science GCSE course shows that the course is an improvement on traditional courses

  • Students in a South African classroom

    Science in South Africa

    1 May 2007

    Researchers from South Africa and Australia have teamed up to introduce South African teachers to new teaching methods and to monitor how these affect students' performance

  • Students from Singapore wearing protective eye wear

    Learning from the best

    1 September 2006

    Researchers from the National Institute of Education in Singapore have attempted to determine why pupils from Singapore and Japan are so successful in answering science questions.