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  • Water pouring into a drinking glass
    The Mole

    From ground to tap

    1 March 2014

    Sue Thompson leads us through the journey water takes from underground to our drinking glass

  • an archaeologist working on a site
    The Mole

    Past secrets unearthed

    1 January 2014

    Akshat Rathi finds out how chemistry plays a central role in revealing how our ancestors once lived

  • Beetroot


    6 November 2013

    John Emsley looks at the element that has been essential to humanity since before the stone age

  • Mushrooms

    Deadly mushroom chemistry

    2 September 2013

    Can you tell the difference between a tasty paddy straw mushroom and a toxic death cap? Emma Shiells talks to the experts about the potentially deadly chemistry hidden in those gills

  • chocolate
    The Mole

    Chocolate’s champion chompability

    1 September 2013

    Tom Husband melts into the sumptuous chemistry of chocolate’s silky smooth texture

  • EiC_July_Feature2_p018_410

    How much horse meat?

    1 July 2013

    It's a simple enough question, but the media, the public and even government officials are having trouble understanding just how much horse meat is in some processed food. Ian Farrell makes sense of the confusion

  • 0313-EiCSOUNDBITE300tb

    Detective work and food fraud

    1 May 2013

    How did horse meat remain undetected in the food chain for long enough to reach supermarket shelves? Ian Farrell investigates

  • Bananas hanging on string in a shop
    The Mole

    Trade secrets... Keeping fruit fresher for longer

    1 March 2013

    Secrets of the trade: Jonathan Hare investigates how to stop his bananas from going off

  • A healthy meal
    The Mole

    Tasty chemistry

    1 September 2012

    Josh Howgego discovers the chemistry of food with Peter Barham, the scientist–cook who trains world-class chefs

  • Sweets
    The Mole


    1 May 2012

    Prepare to be energised as Phillip Broadwith describes one of life’s energy sources and explains its connection with diabetes