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  • A healthy meal
    The Mole

    Tasty chemistry

    1 September 2012

    Josh Howgego discovers the chemistry of food with Peter Barham, the scientist–cook who trains world-class chefs

  • Sweets
    The Mole


    1 May 2012

    Prepare to be energised as Phillip Broadwith describes one of life’s energy sources and explains its connection with diabetes


    What's in your strawberries?

    1 May 2012

    Why are strawberries so irresistible? Do the strawberries you pick in the wild really taste nicer than shop-bought ones?

  • Chirality in sugars
    Exhibition chemistry

    Chirality in sugars

    1 January 2012

    A simple, effective chiral molecule experiment

  • FEATURE-cheese-300

    Really cheesy chemistry

    1 January 2011

    Stilton, camembert, limburger and cheddar - why, and how, does cheese come in such a variety of smells and tastes?

  • French fries

    French fries

    1 November 2010

    Simon Cotton takes a look at those compounds that find themselves in the news or relate to our everyday lives.

  • Mars bar
    The Mole


    1 July 2010

    That’s chemistry: The molecules behind Mars bars

  • Citrus fruits on a chopping board
    The Mole

    Citric acid

    1 March 2010

    When you squeeze lemon juice over your pancakes this Shrove Tuesday, you will be using citric acid – 2-hydroxypropane-1,2,3-tricarboxylic acid. This molecule has a host of applications, making it quite a magnificent molecule

  • A pile of fish

    Phosphorus - food for thought

    1 November 2009

    Can phosphorus-rich foods, such as fish, improve our intellect?

  • A farmer spraying his crop to protect it from insects

    Crop protection chemicals

    1 March 2009

    By 2030, the world's population is expected to rise to over eight billion - the need for safe and environmentally friendly crop protection chemical has never been greater