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  • image - brown mosquito

    Artemisinin and a new generation of antimalarial drugs

    1 July 2006

    Every year between one and two million people - mainly children - living in the tropics and subtropics die of malaria.

  • Image - Cotton - eating chilli

    Spicing up Chemistry

    1 May 2006

    Spices have been used in cooking since Roman times, and were believed to be important as antiparasitic agents and as gastrointestinal protectants in the diet

  • dna main

    Chemistry, medicine and genetic analysis

    1 March 2006

    In the near future, doctors will be able to carry out a 'while you wait' test, using genetic analysis, for chlamydia, the silent disease that can lead to infertility in women.

  • A chimney sweeper in 1850

    Percivall Pott, chimney sweeps and cancer

    1 March 2006

    Over 200 years ago, doctor and writer Percivall Pott made the astute connection between soot and scrotal cancer, known then as the chimney sweep's cancer.

  • GM-250

    GM foods - addressing public concerns

    1 January 2006

    Genetically modified (GM) foods continue to generate media attention and concern among the public. How can analytical chemists help consumers make informed choices

  • dronsfield pain image large

    Pain relief: from coal tar to paracetamol

    1 July 2005

    Analgesics, ie pain-relieving drugs, fall into two categories: those that also reduce body temperature in fevers (antipyretics), and those that act mainly on the brain - typically morphine and diamorphine/heroin. Here we consider members of the first group, particularly those once designated 'coal tar analgesics'. Paracetamol, our most popular over-the-counter ...

  • food main 1

    The fight against food adulteration

    1 March 2005

    Today's quality control of the food and drinks industry is thanks to pioneering work started in the 19th century