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  • EiC_July_Feature2_p018_410

    How much horse meat?

    1 July 2013

    It's a simple enough question, but the media, the public and even government officials are having trouble understanding just how much horse meat is in some processed food. Ian Farrell makes sense of the confusion

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    1 July 2013

    John Emsley looks at the element that's fascinating, feared and fatal

  • Police explosives sniffer dog and handler walking down street
    The Mole

    A nose for trouble

    1 May 2013

    Ian Le Guillou finds out how new technology and chemistry are catching up with sniffer dogs in the race to rescue people trapped in disaster zones

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    Detective work and food fraud

    1 May 2013

    How did horse meat remain undetected in the food chain for long enough to reach supermarket shelves? Ian Farrell investigates

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    1 January 2013

    Simon Cotton investigates a molecule that is making the news

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    Nitrous oxide: are you having a laugh?

    1 March 2012

    Since its discovery, laughing gas has played its part in our dental surgeries, operating theatres and - more controversially - at our parties

  • Cartoon scientist, female, long hair, clip board
    The Mole

    Claire Wagman: Formulation scientist at Unilever

    1 January 2012

    Clare works on improving the formulation of hair care products. She tells Josh Howgego what it’s like to work on products that are seen on supermarket shelves

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    Ruthenium compounds as anticancer agents

    1 January 2012

    New ruthenium-based compounds with fewer and less severe side effects, could replace longstanding platinum-based anticancer drugs

  • Figure 1 - Demonstrating a breath-sampling device

    Breath analysis

    1 July 2010

    Breath analysis - a non-invasive health check

  • FEATURE-five-rings-250

    Five rings good, four rings bad

    1 March 2010

    Fifty years ago steroid abuse among sportsmen and women was a serious problem. Today, thanks to the skills of analytical chemists, the sporting cheats rarely win