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  • Hydrazine is used extensively in the water treatment market as an oxygen scavenger although erythorbates are replacing it in some applications.

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  • Robert, the flammability problem can be solved by using PEG300 instead of alcohol. I have used this for about 30 years now.

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  • My school experience regarding chemistry could not have been better. I was give apparatus to take home and even an analytical balance. The local chemist (now pharmacists) would obtain any chemical I asked him for and obviously subsidised by meager pocket money.

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    25% of public put off chemistry by school

  • In my industry (water analysis test kits) titrimetric methods outnumber other methods such as electro-chemistry and colorimetric (comparator or photometer) roughly 4:1 They are simple to understand and can be modified to take into account the required level of accuracy (drop tests to micro-titrators).

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    Why titrate?