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I am a chemistry teacher and science author with a passion for pitching chemistry in intriguing contexts. I recently published a book called the Chemistry of Human Nature with the RSC. I took my PGCE in science teaching at the University of Cambridge, where I went on to obtain a masters degree in science education. My research project investigated the use of metacognitive learning journals with chemistry students in the 16 - 18 age group.

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  • I've thought about this many times since I first read it and recounted the details of the veterinary interview to many students. The first thing I do when I'm answering a question about concentration is draw out the triangle. But when I teach it, I begin by asking the student(s) the definition of concentration. I show that the same mathematics govern the every day idea of miles per hour. From there I show them how to make sure they construct the triangle correctly. I just like the triangle as a shorthand for the equation but I agree that students should be able to deconstruct the meaning it symbolises.

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    Formula triangle alt 300tb[1]

    Why are formula triangles bad?

  • Very interesting article, thanks. I'm getting out of the biz until I can find a part time role in a school that I like. It's hard enough to find a school you click with, let alone one that will let you work part time. Frankly I think the majority of schools don't value those of us who want to sharpen our teaching skills with one foot outside the classroom. We're in a system that values conformity over vision.

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    Part-time work, full-time life

  • Hi Damian, thanks for your message and forgive the late reply! I can recommend several books:

    Radar, Hula Hoops and Playful Pigs by Joe Schwarcz
    The Last Alchemist in Paris by Lars Öhrström
    A Short History of Everything by Bill Bryson
    and of course my own book, The Chemistry of Human Nature

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    217 Chemistry folklore - Professor reading

    Teaching with stories

  • Well done Kristy, a richly deserved accolade for all your hard work!

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    Gold stars

    RSC prizes in chemistry education

  • Where is all this evidence to which the article continually refers? Where evidence suggests that external (and therefore payment-requiring) providers need to deliver CPD, how do the studies correct for the fact that richer schools are the only ones who can afford these consultants? Isn't that why these schools are more successful? Also, in my experience, the overwhelming majority of external consultants who have come to provide CPD have been useless. (I'm not talking about my current school.)

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    Climbing up a set of steps

    Four steps to better CPD

  • Thanks for your comment. I certainly agree that EiC makes a wide range of invaluable resources available. Long may it continue. You've definitely piqued my interest with Cake Thursday.

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    217 Chemistry folklore - Professor reading

    Teaching with stories

  • I love this idea that we have to take the autonomy we desire. Did the visiting representative specify any benefits or disadvantages experienced by the police? We should establish the common pitfalls of setting up a professional college and seek to minimise them. Thanks for the post.

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