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  • Christmas tree

    Terpenes: not just for Christmas

    7 January 2014

    The chemicals that give Christmas trees their pine fresh smell could be at the centre of a chemical revolution, as Josh Howgego explains

  • 0114EiC-FEATUREOrigin-of-Life-Fig1300tb

    The ascent of molecules

    7 January 2014

    Life's molecular origins might not be preserved in the fossil record but, as Laura Howes finds out, chemists are working to fill in the gaps

  • an archaeologist working on a site
    The Mole

    Past secrets unearthed

    1 January 2014

    Akshat Rathi finds out how chemistry plays a central role in revealing how our ancestors once lived

  • Bill Bryson

    Chemistry gives most of the answers

    7 November 2013

    While researching a new book, Bill Bryson takes a trip through cyberspace to try to answer a childhood question – and discovers that chemistry is really quite exciting

  • p020EiC-IvermectinThumb

    One in the eye for river blindness

    7 November 2013

    It’s one of the greatest success stories in human health – a drug created from a product found in nature and given away freely to those who most need it, saving millions from debilitating blindness. Ian Farrell investigates the marvel of ivermectin

  • Volcanic-craters-Etna-Sicilyshutterstock107182034300

    Lanthanide munchers found in volcanoes

    6 November 2013

    Bacteria in mudpots survives on rare earths

  • Outside view of the Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information
    The Mole

    Membranes’ twisted secret

    1 November 2013

    Looking down a microscope at the nanoscale is helping us to better understand the world around us, explains Josh Howgego

  • Mushrooms

    Deadly mushroom chemistry

    2 September 2013

    Can you tell the difference between a tasty paddy straw mushroom and a toxic death cap? Emma Shiells talks to the experts about the potentially deadly chemistry hidden in those gills

  • Box image - proteins building set

    Proteins building set

    2 September 2013

    The Proteins building set may not be as versatile as Lego, but it can be used to build some magnificent and real structures

  • EiC_Feature_p14_250

    Rise of molecular machines

    1 September 2012

    Chemists are putting molecules to work in ways only limited by our imagination