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  • Photosynthesis
    The Mole

    Shining light on artificial photosynthesis

    1 March 2012

    Mimicking plant life could be our way out of the energy crisis. Anna Lewcock talks to Tony Harriman to find out more

  • p26_Feature4_300

    Nitrous oxide: are you having a laugh?

    1 March 2012

    Since its discovery, laughing gas has played its part in our dental surgeries, operating theatres and - more controversially - at our parties

  • p07_csoundbite_250


    1 March 2012

    Simon Cotton takes a look at those compounds that find themselves in the news or relate to our everyday lives.

  • FEATURE_pg026_250

    Ruthenium compounds as anticancer agents

    1 January 2012

    New ruthenium-based compounds with fewer and less severe side effects, could replace longstanding platinum-based anticancer drugs

  • The sun setting over the earth

    Molybdenum and evolution

    1 September 2011

    Recent discoveries indicate that our atmosphere was not always oxygen rich - molybdenum could have been the limiting factor in the evolution of life on earth

  • FEATURE-cheese-300

    Really cheesy chemistry

    1 January 2011

    Stilton, camembert, limburger and cheddar - why, and how, does cheese come in such a variety of smells and tastes?

  • Figure 1

    Iron ocean seeding

    1 September 2010

    Carbon sequestration - the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere - is an active area of research

  • FEATURE-five-rings-250

    Five rings good, four rings bad

    1 March 2010

    Fifty years ago steroid abuse among sportsmen and women was a serious problem. Today, thanks to the skills of analytical chemists, the sporting cheats rarely win

  • Pint of beer on a wooden table
    The Mole


    1 January 2010

    That’s chemistry: The science behind alcohol

  • Part of a coral reef

    Ocean Acidification

    1 November 2009

    Recent evidence suggests that ocean removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is having serious consequences for marine life