White phosphorus oxidising vigorously and in a glass Pasteur pipette, creating a small jet of flame

Flaming phosphorus

19 February 2018By

How to generate your own white phosphorus for a fiery oxidation demonstration

Round bottomed flask containing ammonium dichromate as it decomposes

Containing the dichromate volcano

4 December 2017By

An updated and safer version of this classic, spectacular chemistry demonstration

Reaction of aluminium and iodine

Clarifying compounds and mixtures

16 October 2017By

Declan Fleming clears up confusion in a puff of purple vapour

Chip pan fire demonstration

A flash in the pan

7 August 2017By

The chip pan fire demonstration

Bucket of water

Easier equilibrium

6 July 2017By

How bailing buckets can support students’ grasp of Le Chatelier’s principle

Close-up of stopwatch face

Rate experiments


Enhance your rate of reaction practical work

Glass spiral pipe of reflux condenser isolated on white

Practical distillation


How to develop your students’ distillation knowledge and practical skills

Scientists observing a chemical reaction

Observation skills


How to develop students’ observation skills in practical chemistry

Copper ore in a warehouse

Practical electrolysis


Ideas for enhancing electrolysis practical work

EiC 0217 - CPD - Hero

Practical chromatography

By ,

Ideas for enhancing practical chromatography

Microscale chemistry

Making practical work more effective

25 September 2017By

Microscale chemistry and well-ordered teaching sequences reduce cognitive overload

Seven coloured pills

Know your poison: the festival chemical safety net

16 August 2017By Andy Extance,

How analytical chemistry helps reduce the harms of drug use

Glassware in a laboratory

Cutting edge science in a school laboratory

21 July 2017By

After ten years, many experiments and cohorts of new students, Catherine Smith shares her experience completing a multistep synthesis with her science club

X-ray images

Body, heal thyself

21 June 2017By ,

Exploring the use of biodegradable polymers in orthopedic implants

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