Chip pan fire demonstration

A flash in the pan

7 August 2017By

The chip pan fire demonstration

Bucket of water

Easier equilibrium

6 July 2017By

How bailing buckets can support students’ grasp of Le Chatelier’s principle

Photograph of electrical circuit

An electrifying lesson

2 May 2017By

Explaining electron transitions using LEDs

EiC217- Exhibition Chemistry - Index

Incendiary silver

1 March 2017By

An impressive organometallic explosive

Scientists observing a chemical reaction

Observation skills


How to develop students’ observation skills in practical chemistry

Copper ore in a warehouse

Practical electrolysis


Ideas for enhancing electrolysis practical work

EiC 0217 - CPD - Hero

Practical chromatography

By ,

Ideas for enhancing practical chromatography

Secondary school students doing practical science

Laboratory skills


Resources to develop students’ practical abilities


Inorganic chemical tests

By Joe Ogborn

Joe Ogborn takes a tour of teaching inorganic chemical tests

Seven coloured pills

Know your poison: the festival chemical safety net

16 August 2017By Andy Extance,

How analytical chemistry helps reduce the harms of drug use

Glassware in a laboratory

Cutting edge science in a school laboratory

21 July 2017By Catherine Smith

After ten years, many experiments and cohorts of new students, Catherine Smith shares her experience completing a multistep synthesis with her science club

X-ray images

Body, heal thyself

21 June 2017By ,

Exploring the use of biodegradable polymers in orthopedic implants

Parts of a jigsaw

Scratching the surface of team-based learning

10 April 2017By Laura Hancock, Chloe Howe, Graeme Jones, Tess Phillips, Daniela Plana

Helping students learn to solve problems

Digital Badges

There’s a badge for that

13 March 2017By

How to use digital badges to acknowledge achievements in the lab

Magician with a banana

Magical demonstrations

22 December 2016By

Neil Monteiro shows how taking lessons from magicians can make your demos come alive

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