woman's hands on different rungs of a ladder drawn on a green chalkboard

Structuring content for better learning

25 October 2018By

Helping pupils climb the learning ladder

A pile of magazines

Using chemistry articles to promote scientific literacy in the classroom

28 September 2018By

Research shows how context supports student understanding

Conceptual illustration of atoms bonded in a molecule

Avoiding bonding misconceptions

19 September 2018By

The octet rule still dominates

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Reasoning with proportion

30 July 2018By

Abstract reasoning rather than rule-following helps lower-attaining students

A table of data, pie chat, bar chart, etc

Which data representations help students learn?

12 June 2018By

Avoid cognitive overload with better representations of concepts

One person handing a spanner to another, toolkit in background

What makes a good teacher?

7 June 2018By

Database of teaching strategies for chemistry topics launched

Ice crystals forming with a black background, right-hand corner

An icebreaker for thermodynamics

15 November 2018By

Your students can learn a lot of chemistry from watching water freeze

Six beakers with different coloured flames in a row

The rainbow flame demonstration

6 September 2018By

How to do it safely

A conical flash with white gas escaping from it (the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide)

The genie in the bottle

18 June 2018By

Demonstrating the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide

Pieces of paper covered in thermochromic ink in front of an open microwave

Light-speed learning

30 April 2018By

A quick, fun way to get students thinking about random and systematic errors, accuracy and precision

Boiling jam and thermometer in a saice[am

Monitoring reactions


Encourage students to observe and measure reactions

Coffee filter

Separation techniques


Distilling the essentials of separation

Lemon slices

Acids, bases and salts


Ideas, resources and activities for your classroom

Pink and white marshmallows

Elements and compounds


Top tips for 11–14 chemistry lessons

Burette taps

Making measurements


Help your students use appropriate apparatus to make and record a range of measurements

Colour illustration of lady with rucksack and map walking through a landscape of paper

Improving practical work with integrated instructions

28 November 2018By

Do your students struggle to follow written instructions?

£50 notes spread out

Which chemist would you put on the £50 note?

23 November 2018

How money can get a chemistry lesson started

Christmas tree with bauble

O chemistree

7 November 2018By

This December, don’t deck the halls with boughs of holly, deck the lab with chemistrees

Rainbow coloured question marks

Diagnostic tests for better teaching

31 October 2018By

Benchmarking students’ ability allows tailored teaching

shutterstock 1079162744 amended index

Knowing words’ origins helps students unravel chemistry

26 September 2018By

Teach the origins of chemical vocabulary

Man standing in front of large blackboard covered in confusing equations

Take it easy on the equations. Let me explain …

21 May 2018By

Our current approach to teaching physical chemistry is not working

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