Photograph of electrical circuit

An electrifying lesson

2 May 2017By

Explaining electron transitions using LEDs

EiC217 - Exhibition Chemistry - Hero

Incendiary silver

1 March 2017By

An impressive organometallic explosive

0621060820161106 img 7179 hero

Creating copper

19 December 2016By

Declan Fleming presents a beautiful demonstration with lots of teaching potential

Endo02 hero

Chilling effects

13 October 2016By

Declan Fleming delves into spontaneous endothermic reactions

EiC 0217 - CPD - Hero

Practical chromatography

By ,

Ideas for enhancing practical chromatography

Secondary school students doing practical science

Laboratory skills


Resources to develop students’ practical abilities


Inorganic chemical tests

By Joe Ogborn

Joe Ogborn takes a tour of teaching inorganic chemical tests


Acids and bases

By Morag Easson

Morag Easson explains how to neutralise student difficulties


Practical organic chemistry

By David Everett

David Everett describes some difficulties with the topic and shows how you could help your students

Parts of a jigsaw

Scratching the surface of team-based learning

10 April 2017By Laura Hancock, Chloe Howe, Graeme Jones, Tess Phillips, Daniela Plana

Helping students learn to solve problems

Digital Badges

There’s a badge for that

13 March 2017By

How to use digital badges to acknowledge achievements in the lab

Magician with a banana

Magical demonstrations

22 December 2016By

Neil Monteiro shows how taking lessons from magicians can make your demos come alive

RSC chemistry stink pack

Chemistry stinks

2 December 2016By Jacob Cox, Simon Rees,

Jacob Cox, Simon Rees and Peter Banks describe educational techniques linking the sense of smell with memory


Straight talk

19 September 2016By Jo Moules

Jo Moules cuts through the confusion and gets to the heart of formative assessment

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