A picture of a wood grain desk, with two hands, one holding a piece of graph paper, the other drawing a curve onto the plotted graph

Critical thinking in the lab (and beyond)

24 January 2019By

Improving existing practicals

Periodic table on the background wall, teacher wearing glasses demonstrating pointing to electrochemistry with two seated boys wearing safety glasses

Explaining electrolytes explicitly

17 January 2019By

And why it’s necessary

A picture of a teacher mentoring a younger colleague

The effect of mentoring on teacher retention

14 January 2019By

Could mentoring be a good way to retain more chemistry teachers?

An image illustrating a common mistake while writing the transesterification reaction mechanism

Organic chemistry: encouraging problem solving, not goal scoring

14 December 2018By

How less really is more when it comes to learning


Retaining knowledge from practicals

27 November 2018By

Research shows how a novel pedagogy aids the retention of learning over time

woman's hands on different rungs of a ladder drawn on a green chalkboard

Structuring content for better learning

25 October 2018By

Helping pupils climb the learning ladder

A picture of red glow

Lighting up oxygen

8 January 2019By

Excite your students with chemiluminescence

Ice crystals forming with a black background, right-hand corner

An icebreaker for thermodynamics

15 November 2018By

Your students can learn a lot of chemistry from watching water freeze

Six beakers with different coloured flames in a row

The rainbow flame demonstration

6 September 2018By

How to do it safely

A conical flash with white gas escaping from it (the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide)

The genie in the bottle

18 June 2018By

Demonstrating the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide

A picture of hazards pictograms on brightly coloured tubes

How to make lab work safe


Encourage students to assess risk effectively

A picture showing a blackboard with chemical formulas written in white chalk

Chemical formulas and equations


What is the point of chemical equations?

Boiling jam and thermometer in a saice[am

Monitoring reactions


Encourage students to observe and measure reactions

Coffee filter

Separation techniques


Distilling the essentials of separation

Lemon slices

Acids, bases and salts


Ideas, resources and activities for your classroom

Illustration of male student reaching into the depths of his mind to retrieve the answer to chemistry question

Retrieving knowledge already learned

13 February 2019By

The building blocks of knowledge

An image showing the periodic table elements that are becoming increasingly scarce

How will we save our endangered elements?

11 February 2019By

Elements we risk losing this century

Nature Hackers

The nature hackers

2 January 2019By ,

Chemical engineers are exploiting evolution to create perfect catalysts

Icebergs, water and snow

A question of substances

18 December 2018By

How science education research has inspired the BEST resources

124143main image feature 378 ys full

How do astronauts breathe?

12 December 2018By ,

Live and breathe the life of an astronaut

Colour illustration of lady with rucksack and map walking through a landscape of paper

Improving practical work with integrated instructions

28 November 2018By

Do your students struggle to follow written instructions?

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