An image showing a tooth on a background comprising of hand-drawn chemical structures

Why you need A-level chemistry to study dentistry

14 August 2019By

Understanding enamel, fillings and anaesthetics requires chemistry knowledge

An image showing a male student recording observations about an experiment, while his female colleague is reading about the same experiment in her book; the glassware in the laboratory is linked to the glassware depicted in the girl's book

Maximising learning from practicals

31 July 2019By

Be clear about the intended outcomes of experiments

An image showing a man placing food in a microwave oven

When experiments don't go to plan

26 July 2019By

From Bakelite to Super glue, how unintended results can be useful

A graphic image showing a female teacher providing feedback to three students; speech bubbles representing comments can be seen hovering above her, and they are forming the letter A+

Give effective, descriptive feedback

24 July 2019By

… without a massive time investment

An image showing four students running on separate roads towards an intersection where a large electrochemical beaker is placed; each of the 4 students is holding a specific model used to explain electrochemical concepts

Different approaches build understanding

17 July 2019By

How a variety of practical work improves learning

An image showing a male pupil thinking about the bonding in formic acid

Uncover your students' preconceptions

10 July 2019By

Understanding their existing ideas helps avoid misconceptions

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