Six beakers with different coloured flames in a row

The rainbow flame demonstration

6 September 2018By

How to do it safely

A conical flash with white gas escaping from it (the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide)

The genie in the bottle

18 June 2018By

Demonstrating the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide

Pieces of paper covered in thermochromic ink in front of an open microwave

Light-speed learning

30 April 2018By

A quick, fun way to get students thinking about random and systematic errors, accuracy and precision

White phosphorus oxidising vigorously and in a glass Pasteur pipette, creating a small jet of flame

Flaming phosphorus

19 February 2018By

How to generate your own white phosphorus for a fiery oxidation demonstration

Pink and white marshmallows

Elements and compounds


Top tips for 11–14 chemistry lessons

Burette taps

Making measurements


Help your students use appropriate apparatus to make and record a range of measurements

Hazard suit in a laboratory

Hazards, safety and apparatus


Top tips for 11–14 chemistry classes

Small heaps of salt in a wet field

Evaporation, filtration and crystallisation


How to add variety and context to lessons while getting students familiar with apparatus

A number of different mixtures of different coloured beads

Mixtures and solutions


Top tips for 11–14 chemistry classes

Man standing in front of large blackboard covered in confusing equations

Take it easy on the equations. Let me explain …

21 May 2018By

Our current approach to teaching physical chemistry is not working

Microscale chemistry

Making practical work more effective

25 September 2017By

Microscale chemistry and well-ordered teaching sequences reduce cognitive overload

Glassware in a laboratory

Cutting edge science in a school laboratory

21 July 2017By

After ten years, many experiments and cohorts of new students, Catherine Smith shares her experience completing a multistep synthesis with her science club

X-ray images

Body, heal thyself

21 June 2017By ,

Exploring the use of biodegradable polymers in orthopedic implants

Parts of a jigsaw

Scratching the surface of team-based learning

10 April 2017By Laura Hancock, Chloe Howe, Graeme Jones, Tess Phillips, Daniela Plana

Helping students learn to solve problems

Digital Badges

There’s a badge for that

13 March 2017By

How to use digital badges to acknowledge achievements in the lab

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