Exhibition chemistry

White phosphorus oxidising vigorously and in a glass Pasteur pipette, creating a small jet of flame

Flaming phosphorus

How to generate your own white phosphorus for a fiery oxidation demonstration

Round bottomed flask containing ammonium dichromate as it decomposes

Containing the dichromate volcano

An updated and safer version of this classic, spectacular chemistry demonstration

Reaction of aluminium and iodine

Clarifying compounds and mixtures

Declan Fleming clears up confusion in a puff of purple vapour

Chip pan fire demonstration

A flash in the pan

The chip pan fire demonstration

Bucket of water

Easier equilibrium

How bailing buckets can support students’ grasp of Le Chatelier’s principle

Photograph of electrical circuit

An electrifying lesson

Explaining electron transitions using LEDs

EiC217- Exhibition Chemistry - Index

Incendiary silver

An impressive organometallic explosive

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Creating copper

Declan Fleming presents a beautiful demonstration with lots of teaching potential

Endo02 hero

Chilling effects

Declan Fleming delves into spontaneous endothermic reactions

Luminol chemiluminescence metal complex catalysis

Lighting up copper

Declan Fleming creates ghostly luminescent solutions

Nak alloys properties demonstration

Properties of alloys: finding the NaK

Why is NaK a liquid? Declan Fleming finds out

EiC Ex Chem - Rainbow fizz ph demonstration

Rainbow fizz

Declan Fleming presents some simple pH demonstrations

EiC Ex Chem - Corrosion rusting electrochemistry demonstration

Nailing corrosion demonstrations

Declan Fleming presents an experiment to illustrate the electrochemistry of rusting

EiC Ex Chem - seaweed spheres sodium alginate

Seaweed spheres

Declan Fleming demonstrates gels with a culinary curiosity

Red phosphorus oxygen sun

A red sun

Declan Fleming makes a glowing sun with red phosphorus

Alkali metal hydrochloric acid

Alkali metal roulette

Declan Fleming takes the reactions of alkali metals in water a step further


Eggsplosive chemistry

Declan Fleming shows you how to capture your students’ imaginations with spectacular demonstrations

All Exhibition chemistry