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    There's teaching, and there's teaching

    1 March 2013

    Starting university marks a new chapter in a student's life, with a brand new set of opportunities and challenges. But the different teaching style in higher education can prove to be an unexpected shock to the system. Catherine Smith explores what educators on either side can do to ease the ...

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    BP launches scholarship programme for STEM students

    1 November 2012

    BP, one of the UK's leading graduate recruiters, has launched a new scholarship programme for talented science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) undergraduates in the UK.

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    Jump-starting lectures

    1 September 2012

    There is an emerging trend towards using pre-lecture activities to support tertiary level learning: the options investigated

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    1 March 2012

    Simon Cotton takes a look at those compounds that find themselves in the news or relate to our everyday lives.

  • image - Reviews - chemistry3 cover

    Chemistry3: introducing inorganic and physical chemistry

    1 January 2010

    Andrew Burrows, John Holman, Andrew Parsons, Gwen Pilling and Gareth Price

  • image - Feature - McCaw - Fig 1 - main

    Investigating Crystal Structures

    1 November 2009

    Sixthformers are introduced to Madelung constants as a way of investigating ionic crystal structures

  • Figure 1 - Can you see a face in this photo?

    Intuitive thinking and learning chemistry

    1 March 2009

    Understanding students' intuitions about the world could provide insight into their misconceptions of chemical concepts

  • Electronic components connected by wires

    Build your own spectrophotometer

    1 September 2007

    By designing and building their own visible-light spectrophotometers, students get to grips with the underlying principles of this widely used analytical tool

  • Image - Phenols-ugr1

    Phenols in medicine

    1 January 2007

    Phenol encountered in school or college chemistry laboratories demands special respect on account of its toxic and corrosive nature. But phenol and its derivatives do have a few medicinal surprises

  • dna main

    Chemistry, medicine and genetic analysis

    1 March 2006

    In the near future, doctors will be able to carry out a 'while you wait' test, using genetic analysis, for chlamydia, the silent disease that can lead to infertility in women.