An image showing a male student and a teacher discussing different ways of representing water in solution, to challenge misconceptions about the particle model

Build understanding through debate

How to identify and challenge misconceptions

An illustration showing a male student reading a book and sitting on a pile of letters

Closing the word gap

How focusing on literacy improves chemistry understanding

An image showing stamps corresponding to great scientific leaps

Put it in context

Real-world lessons and learning

KSCN + FeCl3 dissolve and diffuse in water droplet

Gif me your best teaching ideas

Making videos of microscale experiments is easy and draws students’ attention to key concepts

A colourful illustration depicting a group of people sharing ideas

Debate in the chemistry class

Cross-disciplinary discussion supports critical thinking and reasoning skills

A cartoon showing two snakes chatting about snakebite research while each holding a newspaper

Biting back

Snakebites are inevitable, the resulting deaths and disabilities need not be

An image showing three test tubes, each containing magnesium strips in hydrochloric acid solutions of different concentrations

Hydrochloric acid

The science behind one of the most commonly used laboratory acids

An image showing pickle jars

Ethanoic acid

Hayley Bennett reveals the science behind everyone’s favourite household acid

  • States of matter and particle theory

  • How to make lab work safe

  • Chemical formulas and equations

  • Monitoring reactions

  • Separation techniques

Series of four glass beakers, each containing a different coloured solution

Oscillating magic?

Wow them with a colour change reaction


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