A student using smart technology in the classroom

Responsive teaching

Why Socrative is worthy of space on your smartphone and in your classroom

217 Chemistry folklore - Professor reading

Teaching with stories

Combining the curriculum with curious tales

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Teaching difficult content

Catrin Green has some ideas for teaching a knowledge-heavy curriculum

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How to make science relevant to students

Catrin Green shares some ideas for making lessons more meaningful for secondary students

Chemophobia 300[1]


Kristy Turner finds out what students really think when they hear the word 'chemistry'

Latest issue

In the May 2017 issue find out how chemists discover new drugs and how to use LEDs to explain electron transitions.

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Arrows hitting target

Be excellent

16 May 2017By

Is the pursuit of excellence harmless?

    Cartoon - a palm tree and a coconut tree fighting over a banknote

    Palming new notes

    The ethical headache with making new banknotes 

    Death making sweets

    Arsenic trioxide

    How a ‘daft’ pharmacy mix up led to a series of poisonings in Victorian Britain

    Cartoon – burning toast

    Is there a dark secret in your crispy potatoes?

    Acrylamide may not be quite as bad as it seems

    217 Magnificent Molecules - Valium - Hero


    One of the biggest selling pharmaceuticals in history, the ‘mother’s little helper’