Michael Gross

  • Sanger sequencing

    Single molecule sequencing

    1 September 2010

    The first draft sequence of the human genome, announced 10 years ago, was time-consuming and expensive

  • A honey bee on a flower

    Aromatase: a target for cancer treatment

    1 January 2010

    The enzyme aromatase plays an important role in the growth of human tumours. Its recently solved structure should lead to new anticancer drugs.

  • rubbish tip

    Biofuels: the next generation

    1 May 2009

    Chemists look to develop second-generation biofuels made from dead wood, algae and genetically-engineered microorganisms

  • Figure 1 - The crystal structure of the PapA protein bound to the molecular chaperone (yellow)

    Better than antibiotics?

    1 September 2008

    Chemicals that make bacteria lose their hair could be a new weapon in the fight against infections, and at the same time help to overcome the problem of antibiotic resistance

  • DNA

    Biosensors based on DNA

    1 January 2008

    Chemists are developing new medical and environmental sensors based on DNA sequences which have been selected to bind certain targets such as cancer markers in blood

  • A PAMAM dendrimer

    Nanotechnology update

    1 September 2007

    The past 10 years have witnessed myriad R&D programmes in nanotechnology around the world