Mike Follows

  • 0116EiCFeatureRelativityF5300tb

    Is relativity creating cracks in the periodic table?

    23 December 2015

    Mike Follows shows how relativity has affected gold and mercury, and asks if it will affect elements yet to be discovered

  • 0415EiCFeatureHindenburgF1300tb

    What ignited the Hindenburg?

    3 July 2015

    We look at the theories behind the cause of the German airship disaster

  • Thorium pellets

    Is thorium the perfect fuel?

    8 May 2014

    Mike Follows discusses the advantages nuclear reactors fuelled by liquid thorium salts may offer over the ones currently used to power homes and businesses

  • Figure 1 - A sketch of James Bond strapped to a table, a laser pointed at him

    Chemistry with lasers

    1 July 2012

    The Lasers for Science Facility in Harwell, UK, lets chemists see and manipulate chemical and biological systems. This research has a direct impact on our everyday lives.

  • Aerial photograph of the ISIS research facility, showing Diamond Light Source in the background

    Research at ISIS

    1 November 2011

    ISIS acts as a super-sensitive microscope. Researchers working at the cutting edge of science use neutrons to find out where atoms are inside materials and what they are doing