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  • Beetroot


    6 November 2013

    John Emsley looks at the element that has been essential to humanity since before the stone age

  • 0513EiC-ELEMENTS-Fig1300tb


    2 September 2013

    John Emsley looks at the element that's the devil in disguise

  • washing line
    The Mole

    Trade secrets... Bio or non-bio washing powder?

    1 May 2013

    Secrets of the trade: Jonathan Hare looks at the science of getting your clothes clean

  • 0313EiC_Element_pg012_180


    1 May 2013

    John Emsley looks at the element that shines brightly and keeps cool but continues to puzzle

  • 0213EiC_Element_pg012_180


    1 March 2013

    John Emsley looks at the heavy metal that makes light work of tough jobs

  • 50


    1 January 2013

    In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Education in Chemistry, John Emsley takes a look at the 50th element

  • The-Elements_pg013_250


    1 November 2012

    John Emsley investigates the element that is the lightest of metals and celebrated in song

  • FEATURE_Chemistry of Pottery_pg017_200.jpg

    The chemistry of pottery

    1 July 2012

    Pottery vessels have been made for around 18,000 years. But how does clay extracted from the earth become a colourful pot, and what's the chemistry behind the process?

  • Drinking water in a glass
    The Mole

    Water for life

    1 June 2011

    Tom Westgate investigates the chemistry and chemists helping more people to access clean water

  • Periodic table with the rare earth elements highlighted
    The Mole

    Rare earth elements

    1 March 2011

    They sit at the bottom of the periodic table like they don’t belong, but these elements are vital ingredients in many gadgets and ‘green’ technologies. Tom Westgate finds out what makes them so versatile and valuable.