Nuclear chemistry and radioactivity

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  • The Chernobyl nuclear power plant
    The Mole

    Trade secrets... Polonium poisoning

    1 March 2014

    Secrets of the trade: Polonium is almost impossible to obtain, so how was it used to poison a Russian spy? Jonathan Hare investigates the strange case of Alexander Litvinenko

  • The-Elements_pg013_250


    1 November 2012

    John Emsley investigates the element that is the lightest of metals and celebrated in song

  • FEATURE-Curie-elements-300

    Four Curie centennial elements

    1 March 2011

    The four Curie elements provide us with an interesting tour of the bottom of the periodic table

  • Blazing sun
    The Mole

    2012 – neutrino chemistry chaos

    1 January 2011

    On screen chemistry with Jonathan Hare

  • image - Features - Habashi - main

    Ida Noddack and the missing elements

    1 March 2009

    Distinguished women chemists were rare in the early 20th century, but their contributions to chemistry are of great significance. Ida Noddack's scientific career centred around her intensive study of the Periodic Table, and resulted in her discovery, with husband Walter Noddack and physicist Otto Berg, of the metal rhenium, and ...