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It is great that bursaries are being offered to entice in new blood however as a very experienced Head of Chemistry and Lead Practitioner my take home pay is rewarded with £1000 for my responsibility as Head of Dept. There is little to entice talented graduates or to retain our best teachers.
The squeeze on Sixth Form Colleges means that we have very little planning and assessment time and the stress is taking its toll on teachers and therefore students. Younger chemistry teachers themselves were raised on a modular diet and need training in how to deliver a linear syllabus.
I really welcome the return of a linear syllabus, having taught this pre 2000, it is the only way learning truly develops the chemist.
RSC we need government lobbying to increase RESOURCES for retention and training.
I met John in 1992 at an RSC funded Chemistry Teacher Course at the University of York when we were generously given 4 days to learn about application of NMR, optical isomerism to chocolate making.
Sadly with the stress placed on marketing and recruitment of new students to retain funding my colleagues and I cannot get out at this time of the year or any other.

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