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Philip: I had never come across that. I did say “usually” 0.1%. PEG300 is £30 for 500g!
We have found at CLEAPSS that the recipes (delivered in many books on titration) for most indicator solutions can be reduced in both solid indicator and hence ethanol. In fact, methyl orange needs no alcohol. The risk of fire using titration is minimal.
The problem is that phenolphthalein itself will be restricted by school education authorities (usually by people with no chemistry experience). This has already happened in some countries where the identified hazards are assessed but the level of risk or the control of is not. To widen the issue, countries will allow teachers to used mains electricity, let students play dangerous sports (skiing, American football, Australian football etc), but not allow students to add one drop of 0.05% phenolphthalein in a conical flask prior to titration.

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