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Test & Learn - GCSE Chemistry
Coordination Group Publications (CGP)
iOS app | Version 1.0.5 2012 | £1.49 | 
Reviewed by Steve Smith

Test & Learn - GCSE Chemistry app

Anyone familiar with the CGP range of revision resources will be delighted to discover that their usual flair and humour has been retained throughout this app. It caters for revision of the GCSE chemistry single science award, but can be customised to the specific exam board of choice (options being AQA, OCR 21st Century Science, OCR Gateway and Edexcel). This app is also a companion to the respective revision guide: type in the ISBN of the relevant publication and it turns on the in-app page referencing tool.

The topics are subdivided as they are in the syllabus and students are prompted to pick one in order to begin a test. Four different varieties of test are included: 10 question multiple choice, sudden death multiple choice, multiple choice against the clock and longer answer flash card type questions. In the latter students have to consider how well their answer matches the model answer provided. All types of test are very well handled and superbly laid out.

The app tracks scores and even offers students the opportunity to collect ‘achievements’ and post them to Facebook. Essentially, the end of a quiz isn’t the end of the experience and learners have the chance to review their answers and compare them to the correct ones in order to improve their performance. 

In conclusion, if you enjoyed the CGP revision guides and have a suitable iOS device this is an essential purchase, or as one of my students commented ‘aye, it’s a no brainer’.

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