An image showing sugar cubes

Poly(ionic liquid)s act like taste buds for simple sugars

16 August 2019

New system could find use in food monitoring or disease detection

Everyday science

An image showing fire on ice

Dioxygen difluoride

23 August 2019By

An explosion waiting to happen

A cartoon showing two snakes chatting about snakebite research while each holding a newspaper

Biting back

13 June 2019By

Snakebites are inevitable, the resulting deaths and disabilities need not be

An image showing pickle jars

Ethanoic acid

23 April 2019By

Hayley Bennett reveals the science behind everyone’s favourite household acid

An image showing two men and a child sitting at a dining table and wearing oxygen masks and tanks to combat the indoor air pollution that they are being exposed too; a dog is also present in the frame, and he is also wearing an oxygen tank

Sunday dinner – a health risk

19 April 2019By

When roasts pollute