Penicillin fungi in petri dishes

Antibiotics: solving an evolving problem

19 October 2018By ,

Includes curriculum-linked resources to use in your classroom

Mountains of waste plastic

Plastic waste

30 August 2018By ,

Can science solve it? This article includes teaching resources

Illustration of a kitchen with the chemical structures of molecules found in indoor air pollution

Pollution in your home

28 August 2018By ,

Measuring air pollutants lurking indoors, with classroom resources

View of a street in Piccadilly, London

Taking care of the air

20 March 2018By ,

How do we control the pollutants we breathe in? This article includes specification links and resources for your classroom.

An array of milk bottles on shelves

Chromatography fights food fraud

4 June 2018By ,

How chromatography helped solve a food safety crisis – includes classroom resources.

Molecular rotary motor

Molecular motors power on

14 May 2018By ,

From rotating alkenes to artificial muscle – specification links and resources will help you bring this cutting-edge story to your classroom

Submerged nuclear reactor with blue glow

The hunt is on

13 February 2018By ,

Japanese element hunters are trying to extend the periodic table