View of a street in Piccadilly, London

Taking care of the air

20 March 2018By ,

How do we control the pollutants we breathe in? This article includes specification links and resources for your classroom.

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Nature’s vibrant secrets

12 March 2018By

The structural secrets of colourful animals

Hands of man playing African drum on brown blurred background

The rhythm of life

11 December 2017By

Emma Davies explores how unravelling the complex mechanisms of the body clock has led to some fascinating discoveries and a 2017 Nobel prize

Man drinking water from tank

Precious water

20 November 2017By ,

Hayley Bennett investigates water treatment technologies that are saving lives where there are no taps or pipes

Submerged nuclear reactor with blue glow

The hunt is on

13 February 2018By ,

Japanese element hunters are trying to extend the periodic table

Diagram of one molecule trapped within another

A fluid idea, with holes

8 January 2018By

Nina Notman talks to the chemists who are making the seemingly implausible materials coined ‘porous liquids’

E. coli on emb agar

Exceptional enzymes

29 August 2017By

New biological catalysts could deliver useful chemicals chemistry cannot make