Four students wearing lab coats, safety goggles and gloves work at a lab bench

Build students' confidence in their practical skills

12 November 2018By

The positive impact of the new A-level

A hand with a marker pen writing on a transparent board: Career and words related to the Gatsby career benchmarks

How to tackle careers guidance

9 November 2018By

Does your school meet the Gatsby career benchmarks?

John Holman with a female and a male student, all wearing safety goggles and gloves, in a lab

Uptake of science apprenticeships grows

1 November 2018By

Getting started wih lab tech and lab scientist apprenticeships

A hand examines clear glass bottles

Finding the fake booze

12 October 2018By

Ever wondered what Raman spectrometry is? Here’s how it can find out what’s in a bottle without opening it.

Woman crossing her fingers for a good exam result

The problems with predicted grades

4 October 2018By Maria Burke

Why support for overhauling admissions systems is mounting

shutterstock 7550443

Declining university chemistry applications

25 September 2018By Maria Burke

There are fewer undergraduates studying chemistry. Should we be concerned?

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