Scientists observing a chemical reaction

Observation skills

24 July 2017By

How to develop students’ observation skills in practical chemistry

Copper ore in a warehouse

Practical electrolysis

16 June 2017By

Ideas for enhancing electrolysis practical work

EiC 0217 - CPD - Hero

Practical chromatography

9 March 2017By ,

Ideas for enhancing practical chromatography

Secondary school students doing practical science

Laboratory skills

16 December 2016By

Resources to develop students’ practical abilities


Inorganic chemical tests

25 July 2016By Joe Ogborn

Joe Ogborn takes a tour of teaching inorganic chemical tests


Acids and bases

23 May 2016By Morag Easson

Morag Easson explains how to neutralise student difficulties


Practical organic chemistry

14 March 2016By

David Everett describes some difficulties with the topic and shows how you could help your students


Rates of reactions

21 December 2015By Steve Hacker

Steve Hacker explains how the concept of reaction rates could be introduced

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