Lemon slices

Acids, bases and salts

10 October 2018By

Ideas, resources and activities for your classroom

Pink and white marshmallows

Elements and compounds

3 September 2018By

Top tips for 11–14 chemistry lessons

Burette taps

Making measurements

20 August 2018By

Help your students use appropriate apparatus to make and record a range of measurements

Hazard suit in a laboratory

Hazards, safety and apparatus

11 June 2018By

Top tips for 11–14 chemistry classes

Small heaps of salt in a wet field

Evaporation, filtration and crystallisation

23 May 2018By

How to add variety and context to lessons while getting students familiar with apparatus

A number of different mixtures of different coloured beads

Mixtures and solutions

16 April 2018By

Top tips for 11–14 chemistry classes

Close-up of stopwatch face

Rate experiments

24 January 2018By

Enhance your rate of reaction practical work

Glass spiral pipe of reflux condenser isolated on white

Practical distillation

9 November 2017By

How to develop your students’ distillation knowledge and practical skills

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