Boiling jam and thermometer in a saice[am

Monitoring reactions

5 December 2018By

Encourage students to observe and measure reactions

Coffee filter

Separation techniques

26 November 2018By

Distilling the essentials of separation

Lemon slices

Acids, bases and salts

10 October 2018By

Ideas, resources and activities for your classroom

Pink and white marshmallows

Elements and compounds

3 September 2018By

Top tips for 11–14 chemistry lessons

Burette taps

Making measurements

20 August 2018By

Help your students use appropriate apparatus to make and record a range of measurements

Hazard suit in a laboratory

Hazards, safety and apparatus

11 June 2018By

Top tips for 11–14 chemistry classes

Small heaps of salt in a wet field

Evaporation, filtration and crystallisation

23 May 2018By

How to add variety and context to lessons while getting students familiar with apparatus

A number of different mixtures of different coloured beads

Mixtures and solutions

16 April 2018By

Top tips for 11–14 chemistry classes

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