An image showing a male student and a teacher discussing different ways of representing water in solution, to challenge misconceptions about the particle model

Build understanding through debate

19 June 2019By

How to identify and challenge misconceptions

A graphic image showing a woman climbing a mountain of paperwork

No more marking

17 June 2019By

Stop marking books, start talking feedback

An image showing a teacher surrounded by students, sitting inside a structure that resembles the structure of a 5-membered ring

How to teach scientific models

12 June 2019By

Be explicit when explaining models and their purpose

A watercolour image showing a salt shaker above a plate on a red check tablecloth

Pass the salt

10 June 2019By Elinor Hughes,

The pros and cons of NaCl

An image showing doodles representing physics, chemistry and biology

Should all students take combined science?

7 June 2019By

Assessing the value of triple and double courses

An image showing a triangle on which two of the sides are made out of stairs; on the top of a triangle there is a fire, on the bottom left, a chemical reaction represented by space filling models is filled, and on the bottom right, the chemical reaction o

Develop deeper understanding with models

5 June 2019By

How to bridge the gap between the ‘seen’ science and the ‘unseen’ explanation

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