X-ray images

Body, heal thyself

21 June 2017By ,

Exploring the use of biodegradable polymers in orthopaedic implants

EiC317 - Feature - New Drugs - Hero

Searching for a cure

4 May 2017By Sarah Houlton

How the pharmaceutical industry finds new medicines

EiC317 - Feature - Carbon sequestration - Hero

Carbon dioxide gets stoned

27 April 2017By ,

Locking Earth’s excess carbon dioxide away by turning it into rock

Parts of a jigsaw

Scratching the surface of team-based learning

10 April 2017By Laura Hancock, Chloe Howe, Graeme Jones, Tess Phillips, Daniela Plana

Helping students learn to solve problems


An antidote to low aspirations

31 March 2017By

Chemistry outreach does much more than intrigue students

Sooty flames

Clearing the air around smoke formation

17 March 2017By

Answering the riddle of why unsaturated fuels burn with sooty flames

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