Large pile of green lego bricks

Building a bio-based world

23 October 2017By Fiona Case

From green LEGO bricks to compostable shoes, Fiona Case investigates surprising new materials being created from sustainable sources

Palladium crystals

Catalysts get helping hands

9 October 2017By ,

Ida Emilie Steinmark finds out how new research may boost catalytic performance

Microscale chemistry

Making practical work more effective

25 September 2017By David Paterson

Microscale chemistry and well-ordered teaching sequences reduce cognitive overload

Demonstrator and student at Leeds University carrying out chemistry practical in a lab

Designing curriculums for modern chemists

18 September 2017By Rachel Brazil

Rachel Brazil talks to lecturers at reopening chemistry departments about starting undergraduate courses from scratch

E. coli on emb agar

Exceptional enzymes

29 August 2017By

New biological catalysts could deliver useful chemicals chemistry cannot make

Seven coloured pills

Know your poison: the festival chemical safety net

16 August 2017By Andy Extance,

How analytical chemistry helps reduce the harms of drug use

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