A top view of a student dressed in blue carrying a rucksack walking across grey paving stones, from left to right

Let's talk about mental health

18 April 2019By

Mental health and preparing for university

An image showing a male student dipping his pen into a conical flask containing ink

Understanding comes with writing

17 April 2019By

How writing builds learning

Illustration of male and female students thinking about thinking

Thinking about thinking promotes problem solving

3 April 2019By

Metacognition helps learners find solutions

An image showing a female student dressed in a lab coat, holding a bow and aiming her arrow at the centre of a target shaped like a chemical round bottom flask

Promote understanding with practical work

27 March 2019By

When experiments build knowledge

Illustration of male teacher handing an exercise book to a male student; the student is also juggling with two books and a chemical flask that his teacher has previously given him

Reduce cognitive load to build knowledge

20 March 2019By

Structure tasks to improve learning

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