Young girl in lab coat with goggles and three other blurred people in the backgroung

Chemistry: it’s not for girls?

15 January 2018By

Are schools accidentally putting girls off science?

Diagram of one molecule trapped within another

A fluid idea, with holes

8 January 2018By , Bianca Costa

Nina Notman talks to the chemists who are making the seemingly implausible materials coined ‘porous liquids’

Hands of man playing African drum on brown blurred background

The rhythm of life

11 December 2017By

Emma Davies explores how unravelling the complex mechanisms of the body clock has led to some fascinating discoveries and a 2017 Nobel prize

Man drinking water from tank

Precious water

20 November 2017By ,

Hayley Bennett investigates water treatment technologies that are saving lives where there are no taps or pipes

Young woman with glasses, books in one hand, piggy bank in other, pained expression

Recruiting and retaining teachers

14 November 2017By

The number of trainee chemistry teachers is plummeting while qualified teachers continue to leave the profession. Kat Arney investigates what might be done to reverse the trend.

Female lab tech with clipboard looking at lab equipment

Losing our technicians: the crisis facing schools

6 November 2017By

Where does the technician staffing crisis come from and what can be done about it?

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