An illustration showing a male student reading a book and sitting on a pile of letters

Closing the word gap

24 May 2019By

How focusing on literacy improves chemistry understanding

An image showing stamps corresponding to great scientific leaps

Put it in context

23 May 2019By

Real-world lessons and learning

KSCN + FeCl3 dissolve and diffuse in water droplet

Gif me your best teaching ideas

14 May 2019By

Making videos of microscale experiments is easy and draws students’ attention to key concepts

A colourful illustration depicting a group of people sharing ideas

Debate in the chemistry class

26 April 2019By

Cross-disciplinary discussion supports critical thinking and reasoning skills

An image showing a mole peaking out of the ground

Five steps to help students master mole calculations

9 April 2019By

Scaffold moles to build confidence

An image showing a child (wearing a blue T-shirt) solving a maths problem using the bar model on a whiteboard

They’ll learn more with bar models

1 April 2019By

Simplify the maths in science with this pictorial approach – and improve understanding

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