Capital Greek letter sigma, in neon

Summation and the sigma notation

14 September 2017By

Paul Yates applies this handy shorthand to chemistry calculations in mass and enthalpy

Mathematical equations on a blackboard

Approximations in chemistry

21 April 2017By

Making calculations easier


Changing the subject

29 September 2016By

Fraser Scott gives some insight into rearranging equations


Reflecting on symmetry

13 May 2016By

Paul Yates translates this geometric concept onto molecular structures


Solving simultaneous equations

9 November 2015By

Paul Yates discusses how to solve them and their applications


A sense of proportion

11 May 2015By

Paul Yates discusses a problem of relationships

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An image showing a female student writing notes in a notebook she's holding; she is wearing a lab coat and lab spectacles, and the background is a school science laboratory

Applying practical knowledge to unfamiliar contexts

16 September 2019By

Prepare students to use their learning in different situations

An image showing a teacher in front of a periodic table, surrounded by students, all with their backs to camera; a female student is pointing at the element cobalt.

How to teach the periodic table

2 September 2019By

Introduce students to its structure and order

An illustration showing people building molecules

Atoms, molecules and ions

20 June 2019By

Top tips for teaching 11–14

An image showing repeating chocolate ice cream bars on sticks against an orange background

States of matter and particle theory

26 March 2019By

Progressing from macroscopic to the microscopic world of the particle

A picture of hazards pictograms on brightly coloured tubes

How to make lab work safe

29 January 2019By

Encourage students to assess risk effectively

A picture showing a blackboard with chemical formulas written in white chalk

Chemical formulas and equations

22 January 2019By

What is the point of chemical equations?

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