The latest news for chemistry teachers

Group photo of the six staff members of the chemistry department at NCS

The RSC President’s Award 2018

18 May 2018By

What makes this team of six teachers and one technician so inspirational?

Vector diagram showing titration equipment on a desk

More students report doing regular practical work

17 May 2018By

Contrasting some earlier fears, schools have not deprioritized practical since A-level reform

Profusa's implanted sensors fluoresce under UV light

Body implant monitors oxygen levels

15 May 2018By Chemistry World

Device could be used in medicine or sports science

Golden stars

Rewards for contributions to chemical education

8 May 2018By

Find out who has been awarded the 2018 RSC education prizes

Chemistry equipment and formulae sketched

Memorisation method matters

26 April 2018By

Drawing is better than writing

Pink, striated rhodonite mineral

Targeting manganese fights the flu

20 April 2018By Chemistry World

A tweak allows a promising flu-fighting compound to latch onto both of the manganese atoms at the heart of a flu enzyme

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