The latest news for chemistry teachers

Swiss Army Knife on wooden floor

Transfer of learning: thinking well

20 September 2017By

Three thoughts to help apply learning to new problems

fried chicken

Lemony chicken and a series of fortunate flavours

30 August 2017By Chemistry World

Citrus-flavoured sulfur compound found in fried chicken could replace unstable natural lemon aroma

Lithium highlighted on the periodic table

Lithium could hold key to sustainable ammonia synthesis

23 August 2017By Chemistry World

Cycling strategy leads to massive efficiency boost

Students celebrating exam results

Chemistry A-level results are out

18 August 2017By

The first cohort of the new A-levels in England received results along with an endorsement for practical work

Eye dropper

Responsive nanoparticles target sight-stealing fungus

10 August 2017By Chemistry World

Eye drop tricks fungal eye infection into self-destruction

shutterstock 58579726

The meaning behind mechanisms

9 August 2017By

What do students really understand from representations?

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