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Tiny bubbles made easier

10 May 2017By Chemistry World

Shrinking the microbubbles needed for ultrasound with microfluidics

Gold stars

RSC prizes in chemistry education

9 May 2017By Kathryn Roberts

The Royal Society of Chemistry has announced the winners of its 2017 awards for chemistry education

Woman with the flu

15-minute test catches out flu virus

3 May 2017

A cheap, portable setup to detect influenza viruses could help clinicians prescribe the right drugs

c7ta00261k Transparent wood - Fig 4 - Index

Who says wooden windows wouldn't work?

27 April 2017By Chemistry World

Scientists in China have turned wood into a transparent material that could be used as a replacement for glass in energy efficient buildings

Visible spectrum of radon

Mental models of atomic spectra

12 April 2017By

Absorbing some misconceptions

Kevlar bulletproof vests

Nanotubes make Kevlar armour smarter

7 April 2017By Chemistry World

Conducting composite senses damage and stiffens on impact

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