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Students and teacher using computers

Un-muddling models

25 July 2017By

How to more effectively use models in the classroom

Graphene aerogel floating on water

Floating graphene cooks up clean water

13 July 2017By Chemistry World

Graphene aerogel converts sunlight into heat to produce water vapour at room temperature

Gas marbles

’Gas marbles’ surprise with their strength

10 July 2017By Chemistry World

Robust bubbles of gas encapsulated in a microsphere–liquid shell could trap gases

Triangles on a dark background

Triangulation to tame the Triplet

29 June 2017By

Getting your students to think about how they learn

Purest silicon sphere

Purest silicon sphere ever created will redefine the kilogram

26 June 2017By Chemistry World

Largest impurity is copper taking the place of one silicon atom in every three billion

Question marks

Questions for girls and questions for boys

23 June 2017By

How careful questioning in the classroom can help avoid gender inequalities

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