The latest news for chemistry teachers

Illustration of a green car being refueled with leaves to signify a carbon-neutral fuel

Catalyst makes liquid fuels from renewable resources

2 November 2018

A step closer to producing fuels for trucks and airplanes from biomass

Triple trefoil knot

Chemists weave granny and triple trefoil knots

30 October 2018

Giant molecules with a carbon backbone by synthetic chemistry

woman's hands on different rungs of a ladder drawn on a green chalkboard

Structuring content for better learning

25 October 2018By

Helping pupils climb the learning ladder

A space-filling model of tetrafluoroethylene

A new angle on collision theory

19 October 2018

Scientists shoot the world’s smallest projectiles – individual molecules – and use them to study how reactions happen

Question marks on a blackboard

Support for classroom-based research

15 October 2018By

Are you a teacher aspiring to education research?

A white laboratory mouse on a number of test tubes

Healthy mice start to smell like sick ones

11 October 2018

Sniffer mice and chemical analysis suggest that sickness odours are contagious

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