Evidence-based teaching

One male, one female student, studying together

The perks of pairing up

31 January 2018

Plusses for performance when picking partners

Signpost with question words against a blue sky

What’s in a question?

26 January 2018

When it comes to challenging your students, are you asking the right questions?

Chemical reaction overflowing in a beaker

Rating rate laws

8 December 2017

How to help students gain a deeper understanding of mathematical model-building

Man standing in front of class

How to argue with your students

23 November 2017

Argumentation helps students develop key skills

A pair of hands, palms up

Mental manoeuvres in 3D

25 October 2017

Thinking about molecular structure – how novices and experts differ

Swiss Army Knife on wooden floor

Transfer of learning: thinking well

20 September 2017

Three thoughts to help apply learning to new problems

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