Evidence-based teaching

An image showing the assignment of an NMR spectrum

Tackling spectroscopy

6 June 2019

Get your students reading spectra like pros

An image showing the structure of benzene

Does this resonate with you?

16 May 2019

How to present confusing resonance representations to students

An illustration showing an atomic model

Probing difficulties with quantum atomic models

4 April 2019

What you can do to make grasping atomic representations easier

An image showing a decision flowchart, with a notebook to the leftand pens to the right

Solving problems using experts’ decisions

25 March 2019

New research demonstrates how decision trees help students apply their knowledge

A picture of a wood grain desk, with two hands, one holding a piece of graph paper, the other drawing a curve onto the plotted graph

Critical thinking in the lab (and beyond)

24 January 2019

Improving existing practicals

Periodic table on the background wall, teacher wearing glasses demonstrating pointing to electrochemistry with two seated boys wearing safety glasses

Explaining electrolytes explicitly

17 January 2019

And why it’s necessary

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