Evidence-based teaching

Group of students talking and writing at school

Girls depict female scientists less as they get older

27 March 2018

There’s still a need for diverse role models

A pawn before a mirror, reflected as a king

Dunning-Kruger: the gap between prediction and performance

19 March 2018

Improve expectations to improve learning

One male, one female student, studying together

The perks of pairing up

31 January 2018

Plusses for performance when picking partners

Signpost with question words against a blue sky

What’s in a question?

26 January 2018

When it comes to challenging your students, are you asking the right questions?

Chemical reaction overflowing in a beaker

Rating rate laws

8 December 2017

How to help students gain a deeper understanding of mathematical model-building

Man standing in front of class

How to argue with your students

23 November 2017

Argumentation helps students develop key skills

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