Evidence-based teaching

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Reasoning with proportion

30 July 2018

Abstract reasoning rather than rule-following helps lower-attaining students

A table of data, pie chat, bar chart, etc

Which data representations help students learn?

12 June 2018

Avoid cognitive overload with better representations of concepts

One person handing a spanner to another, toolkit in background

What makes a good teacher?

7 June 2018

Database of teaching strategies for chemistry topics launched

Chemistry equipment and formulae sketched

Memorisation method matters

26 April 2018

Drawing is better than writing

Group of students talking and writing at school

Girls depict female scientists less as they get older

27 March 2018

There’s still a need for diverse role models

A pawn before a mirror, reflected as a king

Dunning-Kruger: the gap between prediction and performance

19 March 2018

Improve expectations to improve learning

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