Evidence-based teaching

woman's hands on different rungs of a ladder drawn on a green chalkboard

Structuring content for better learning

25 October 2018

Helping pupils climb the learning ladder

A pile of magazines

Using chemistry articles to promote scientific literacy in the classroom

28 September 2018

Research shows how context supports student understanding

Conceptual illustration of atoms bonded in a molecule

Avoiding bonding misconceptions

19 September 2018

The octet rule still dominates

shutterstock 77651737

Reasoning with proportion

30 July 2018

Abstract reasoning rather than rule-following helps lower-attaining students

A table of data, pie chat, bar chart, etc

Which data representations help students learn?

12 June 2018

Avoid cognitive overload with better representations of concepts

One person handing a spanner to another, toolkit in background

What makes a good teacher?

7 June 2018

Database of teaching strategies for chemistry topics launched

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