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A nuclide map

73 new isotopes discovered

15 June 2018By Chemistry World

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Implanted sensors fluorescence

Body implant monitors oxygen levels

15 May 2018By Chemistry World

Device could be used in medicine or sports science

Pink, striated rhodonite mineral

Targeting manganese fights the flu

20 April 2018By Chemistry World

A tweak allows a promising flu-fighting compound to latch onto both of the manganese atoms at the heart of a flu enzyme

A close up of a molecule showing carbon, oxygen and hydrogen

The longest carbon-carbon bond in chemistry

13 April 2018By Chemistry World

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A collection of cleaning products encircling just one

Household chemicals: a surprising air pollutant

10 April 2018By Chemistry World

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The portrait 'Only a Lock of Hair' by John Everett Millais

Healthier hair in just 10 minutes with graphene dye

5 April 2018By Chemistry World

It’s non-toxic and gives hair antistatic and thermal conductive properties

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