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Silicon can be made hydrophilic or hydrophobic and humans can feel the difference

Can you feel the chemistry?

12 January 2018By Chemistry World

Humans can feel the difference between a single layer of molecules

Plastics in a range of shapes and colours

Inorganic polystyrene gives old material a new backbone

18 December 2017

New catalytic route opens the door to polymers made from boron and nitrogen


Theoretical trinorbornane joins the real world

14 December 2017By Chemistry World

Unusual, small molecule made for first time

Close up of honey bees on honey combs

Summer bees vulnerable to nanoparticles in fuel additives

24 November 2017By Chemistry World

Cerium oxide nanoparticles cause biochemical changes in honeybees

Close up of a gecko's foot on a pane of glass

Torn crystal reveals gecko's stickiness

10 November 2017By Chemistry World

The force behind a gecko’s sticky feet has been measured and modified


Smart stretch expands hip implant performance

27 October 2017By Chemistry World

Material designed to get thicker as it bends

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