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An image showing a beaker containing a thin layer chromatography plate with colourful spots on it

App quantifies chemicals in thin-layer chromatography

30 April 2019

A simple web app converts thin-layer chromatography into a quantitative analytical technique

An image showing lots of lemons

Genes that make lemons sour revealed

11 April 2019

Don’t end your lesson on a sour note; start it with this starter slide on strong and weak acids

An image showing a part of the mosaic being studied

Chemical analysis reveals origin of Pompeian mosaic tiles

29 March 2019

Portable spectrometers shed light on the materials used in ancient Roman mosaics

Earth Eastern Hemisphere

Chloroform threatens ozone recovery

12 February 2019

New climate threat revealed

Schematic of the composition  A  and the working principles  B  of the DDM SDSE in the presence of miR 125a and K562 leukemia

All-in-one cancer treatment

8 February 2019

How a biosensor can diagnose, treat and monitor cancer

An Image showing the molecular structure of the Si Complex

Record-breaking silicon–silicon bond

21 January 2019

Silicon joins the record breakers!

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