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An Image showing the molecular structure of the Si Complex

Record-breaking silicon–silicon bond

21 January 2019

Silicon joins the record breakers!

Rays of sunshine from left to right through trees

Capturing carbon to help the environment

27 December 2018

Mimicking photosynthesis to reduce carbon dioxide

Blade of axe in tree trunk

Chop! Chop! Creating useful chemicals from lignin

11 December 2018

Breaking the hardy carbon-carbon bond in wood puts new fuels on the horizon

shutterstock 1163819137

Cooking up a storm with fertiliser

4 December 2018

Scientists find a novel way to recycle waste oil – using it as fertiliser

Illustration of a green car being refueled with leaves to signify a carbon-neutral fuel

Catalyst makes liquid fuels from renewable resources

2 November 2018

A step closer to producing fuels for trucks and airplanes from biomass

Triple trefoil knot

Chemists weave granny and triple trefoil knots

30 October 2018

Giant molecules with a carbon backbone by synthetic chemistry

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