Science research

Illustration of a green car being refueled with leaves to signify a carbon-neutral fuel

Catalyst makes liquid fuels from renewable resources

2 November 2018

A step closer to producing fuels for trucks and airplanes from biomass

Triple trefoil knot

Chemists weave granny and triple trefoil knots

30 October 2018

Giant molecules with a carbon backbone by synthetic chemistry

Arrow flying to target with radial motion blur

A new angle on collision theory

19 October 2018

Scientists shoot the world’s smallest projectiles – individual molecules – and use them to study how reactions happen

A white laboratory mouse on a number of test tubes

Healthy mice start to smell like sick ones

11 October 2018

Sniffer mice and chemical analysis suggest that sickness odours are contagious

Cup of coffee and dissolving sugar lump

The science of sweeter sugars

7 September 2018

The sweetest saccharides form the strongest and shortest hydrogen bonds

An American space shuttle taking off

Environmentally friendly rocket fuel

31 August 2018

Using a compound without chlorine removes the risk of acid rain – with lesson starter slides

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