Science research

Cup of coffee and dissolving sugar lump

The science of sweeter sugars

7 September 2018

The sweetest saccharides form the strongest and shortest hydrogen bonds

An American space shuttle taking off

Environmentally friendly rocket fuel

31 August 2018

Using a compound without chlorine removes the risk of acid rain – with lesson starter slides

Image of a human retina, showing a network of blood vessels

Synthetic retina is looking good

24 August 2018

New molybdenum disulfide and graphene implant curves with retina – with lesson starter slides

An unusual ferrofluid structure

Dynamic surfaces can be switched by magnetic fields

23 July 2018

Magnetic fields can alter surface friction and stickiness

A range of foods hanging in a smokehouse

Mineral filters cut carcinogens in smoked foods

6 July 2018

Cutting edge science research with a consumer application

'He' spelled using an He tube

Hundreds of helium compounds could be hiding in Earth’s mantle

27 June 2018

Use this cutting edge research into helium compounds in class

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