Science research

An image showing a distillery factory for Maltwhisky , Kampangphet, Thailand

Catalyst metal recovery adds greener notes to whisky production

20 September 2019

Magnetite nanoparticles recover copper waste from whisky manufacturing process

An image showing the inside of a bag of potato crisps

2D synthetic clay sheets could create easy to recycle crisp packets

13 September 2019

Inorganic nanosheets could lower the carbon footprint of food packaging

An image showing sugar cubes

Poly(ionic liquid)s act like taste buds for simple sugars

16 August 2019

New system could find use in food monitoring or disease detection

An image showing a carbon nanotube

Carbon nanotubes grown using kitchen chemicals

2 August 2019

Cheap compounds found in kitchen cupboards can act as catalysts for making carbon nanotubes

An image showing a cluster of contaminated magnetic stirrer bars of different sizes

Dirty stirrer bars can act as phantom catalysts

28 June 2019

Contaminated stirrer bars could be ruining experiments that are sensitive to tiny amounts of metal catalysts

An image showing asteroid Itokawa

Water found in asteroid dust

21 June 2019

Water detected in samples from an asteroid’s surface for the first time

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