Colonies of Penicillium mold growing on agar plate

Students don’t appreciate what chemistry can do

22 June 2018By

Is this causing the dip in applications to university chemistry courses?

Six adults sitting in a close group drinking from mugs

What does an effective department look like?

8 June 2018By Emily Howe

We want to know: what are the elements of a supportive school department?

Woman on a street stretching her leg to warm up

The ‘new’ chemistry A-level better prepares students for higher education

1 June 2018By , Giorgio Chianello

No evidence for concerns students now do fewer practicals, say QMUL lecturers

Four young professionals sitting in the corridor as a man class one in for interview

Six changes that could transform teachers’ jobs

16 May 2018By

Towards a truly manageable and engaging profession

Network of people

Building networks is vital for teachers

11 May 2018By

How even an introvert can enjoy making new contacts

A Rubin vase optical illusion: a vase which also forms a face

Same old story?

4 May 2018By

Chemistry can make us think things through from a new angle

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