Empty scales, weighed down on one side

Teaching workloads and pay don’t add up

7 November 2017By Ross Colman

A bursary and training support eased my transition into teaching, but the work-life balance after two years made me look elsewhere

Untitled design

You are what you wear

3 November 2017By

Does donning a lab coat mean more to us than we realise?

Generic software programming language

Why should chemistry students learn to code?

26 October 2017By Cate Cropper

How the University of Liverpool is training students to meet the demands of industry

Two pairs of feet either side of a painted, yellow line on the ground

Adopting an open minded approach to interdisciplinary science

17 October 2017By Joel Loveridge

Students reject topics they see as outside their own discipline, but researchers and educators are guilty of it too

Silhouette of woman in 18th century dress

Elizabeth Fulhame: the scientist the world forgot

10 October 2017By

Ida Emilie Steinmark investigates a forgotten figure who made fundamentally important discoveries in chemistry

Frustrated pupil in a classroom with classmates in the background

Why banning laptops is harmful

6 October 2017By Matthew Cortland

Even with exceptions for students who really need laptops, bans introduce discrimination and unfairness to the classroom

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