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9 September 2016By Education in Chemistry

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Acids, bases, resources and more

13 July 2016By Education in Chemistry

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Demonstrations, recording lectures and past papers

13 May 2016

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Illustration of male student reaching into the depths of his mind to retrieve the answer to chemistry question

Retrieving knowledge already learned

13 February 2019

The building blocks of knowledge

Earth Eastern Hemisphere

Chloroform threatens ozone recovery

12 February 2019

New climate threat revealed

An image showing the periodic table elements that are becoming increasingly scarce

How will we save our endangered elements?

11 February 2019

Elements we risk losing this century

Schematic of the composition  A  and the working principles  B  of the DDM SDSE in the presence of miR 125a and K562 leukemia

All-in-one cancer treatment

8 February 2019

How a biosensor can diagnose, treat and monitor cancer

20 s 30 sclassroom jpg

8 surprising things I learned in TV show

7 February 2019

Travelling through 100 years of science education with the BBC

A picture showing a girl sitting on a chair and gazing out of the image, behind her is a desk with lamp, books and pens

Three sure-fire revision methods

6 February 2019

Tackle the revision bogeyman

Cartoon showing workman with saw and hammer offering to take up the hem of a lady's dress. A mannequin is to her right and there are rolls of cloth disguised as tree trunks behind

Chemists branch out into dressmaking

4 February 2019

When high fashion starts in the lab

A picture of a silver whistle hanging on a blackboard

Coaching for success

1 February 2019

Dedicate 15 minutes a week to CPD

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