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9 September 2016By Education in Chemistry

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Acids, bases, resources and more

13 July 2016By Education in Chemistry

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Demonstrations, recording lectures and past papers

13 May 2016

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An image showing fire on ice

Dioxygen difluoride

23 August 2019

An explosion waiting to happen

An image showing a male and a female student working together on a practical

Tackling practicals for students with SEND

21 August 2019

It’s easy when you’re prepared

An image showing a student who is sat very close to a computer screen; a molecular structure is on the display, which reflects on his safety spectacles

Animations boost learning

20 August 2019

And reduce cognitive load

An illustration showing a woman hanging off the bottom of an unravelling, long to-do list

Overworked and undervalued?

19 August 2019

TALIS survey reveals reality of teaching in England

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Poly(ionic liquid)s act like taste buds for simple sugars

16 August 2019

New system could find use in food monitoring or disease detection

An image showing a tooth on a background comprising of hand-drawn chemical structures

Why you need A-level chemistry to study dentistry

14 August 2019

Understanding enamel, fillings and anaesthetics requires chemistry knowledge

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Teaching organic mechanisms

12 August 2019

How to help students get to grips with organic reaction mechanisms

An image showing cogwheels in a woman's head

Metacognitive motivation

8 August 2019

How it can positively influence students’ beliefs in their own abilities

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