The Mole

Published from 2012–2015, The Mole was the Royal Society of Chemistry's magazine for students, and anyone inspired to dig deeper into chemistry. Prior to 2012, Education in Chemistry published a supplement for students called InfoChem.

During 2018, articles from The Mole will be added to the Education in Chemistry website.

Charles West

Charles West: Research geochemist

1 November 2015By

Ida Emilie Steinmark talks to a chemist who gave up a career as a footballer

The explosive reaction of sodium metal in water

Funded by you

1 September 2015By

Declan Fleming investigates how crowdfunding helped a chemist to uncover the secrets behind some familiar reactions

Mike Edmonson

Michael Edmondson: Business manager

1 September 2015By

Ida Emilie Steinmark chats to the chemist who managed to create his perfect job

Joe Turton

Joe Turton: Assistant scientist at Fera

1 July 2015By Katrina Kramer

Katrina Krämer finds out how Joe made his dream of practical science work come true by starting an apprenticeship at a food and environment research agency


High hopes for hydrogels

1 July 2015By Bea Perks

It’s amazing what chemists can do with a jelly-like material that’s mostly water, says Bea Perks

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A conical flash with white gas escaping from it (the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide)

The genie in the bottle

18 June 2018By

Demonstrating the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide

A nuclide map

73 new isotopes discovered

15 June 2018By Chemistry World

Use this cutting edge nuclide research in your class

Four arrows embedded in an archery target

Help students understand accuracy and error

14 June 2018By

Embed use of the right key terms in practical work from an early age

A pencil rubbing out a DNA strand

Controversial science

13 June 2018By

Six different biochemical topics with videos and activities

A table of data, pie chat, bar chart, etc

Which data representations help students learn?

12 June 2018By

Avoid cognitive overload with better representations of concepts

Hazard suit in a laboratory

Hazards, safety and apparatus

11 June 2018By

Top tips for 11–14 chemistry classes

Six adults sitting in a close group drinking from mugs

What does an effective department look like?

8 June 2018By Emily Howe

We want to know: what are the elements of a supportive school department?

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