Colonies of Penicillium mold growing on agar plate

Students don’t appreciate what chemistry can do

22 June 2018By

Is this causing the dip in applications to university chemistry courses?

Six adults sitting in a close group drinking from mugs

What does an effective department look like?

8 June 2018By Emily Howe

We want to know: what are the elements of a supportive school department?

Woman on a street stretching her leg to warm up

The ‘new’ chemistry A-level better prepares students for higher education

1 June 2018By , Giorgio Chianello

No evidence for concerns students now do fewer practicals, say QMUL lecturers

Four young professionals sitting in the corridor as a man class one in for interview

Six changes that could transform teachers’ jobs

16 May 2018By

Towards a truly manageable and engaging profession

Network of people

Building networks is vital for teachers

11 May 2018By

How even an introvert can enjoy making new contacts

A Rubin vase optical illusion: a vase which also forms a face

Same old story?

4 May 2018By

Chemistry can make us think things through from a new angle

Six adults around a table with computers, coffee mugs

How can I best prepare for the next academic year?

25 April 2018By

I need an opportunity to discuss this with others

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Group photo of the six staff members of the chemistry department at NCS

The RSC President’s Award 2018

18 May 2018

What makes this team of six teachers and one technician so inspirational?

Vector diagram showing titration equipment on a desk

More students report doing regular practical work

17 May 2018

Contrasting some earlier fears, schools have not deprioritized practical since A-level reform

Golden stars

Rewards for contributions to chemical education

8 May 2018

Find out who has been awarded the 2018 RSC education prizes

Map of the world made up of blue dots, lines connecting continents

Policymakers are misusing international education rankings

6 April 2018

Statisticians call for more subtle analyses of data

A horseshoe magnet attracting four metal figures made out of metal

5% pay rise needed to fix science teacher shortage

3 April 2018

Report calls for early career pay supplement

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A person wearing academic clothes walking through a maze

Students don’t have to stick to lab projects during chemistry degrees

6 June 2018By

They can gain valuable employment skills in other ways

John Holman

‘I do tend to say yes ... ’

22 May 2018By

We ask John Holman how writing a textbook snowballed into invites to work on the national curriculum, a national education research centre, and more

Make your own ultra-violet (UV) spectrometer

Students win prizes for homemade spectrometers

22 March 2018By

Inspired chemistry projects

Bird's eye view of animated crowd

Gender inequality problems remain in higher education

28 February 2018By

In 2015, only 9% of chemistry professors were women

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A pencil rubbing out a DNA strand

Controversial science

Six different biochemical topics with videos and activities

Man with heaphones in front of a laptop and desktop computer

Free online CPD: CERGinars

A teacher’s review of webinars in chemical education research

Cover image, Chemistry, 5th edition

Chemistry, Lewis and Evans

A thorough textbook for students on vocational and access courses

Cover image from the book 'what else can a teacher do'

What else can a teacher do?

Help for teachers to remain in or leave teaching

Calculations in chemistry, front cover

Calculations in chemistry: an introduction

Packed with questions and problems for undergraduate students

The cover of Strange Chemistry

Strange chemistry

The stories your chemistry teacher wouldn’t tell you

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