Arrows hitting target

Be excellent

16 May 2017By

Is the pursuit of excellence harmless?

Girl plays superhero

It’s not somebody else’s problem

8 March 2017By

Gender inequality has to be tackled by all teachers, no matter their subject

Child in a spacesuit looking at a plant

Capturing imaginations

23 February 2017By Becky Parker

Enabling school students to participate in scientific research

Glass in a flame

How often do your students do practical work?

7 February 2017By

29% of GCSE students report doing practical science less than once a month


Why I joined the Chartered College of Teaching

3 February 2017By

If teachers want to have a voice, we have to start somewhere

Filling in a answer sheet with a pencil

The evaluation game

27 January 2017By

It’s a new year, and everyone is taking tests

ASE logo

Getting into the flow

4 January 2017By

It’s great to be back at the ASE annual conference

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Gold stars

RSC prizes in chemistry education

9 May 2017

The Royal Society of Chemistry has announced the winners of its 2017 awards for chemistry education

Bristol Uni evacuation

Chemistry department evacuated after student accidentally makes explosive

8 February 2017

Reports claim TATP synthesised by mistake at the University of Bristol

Students with their hands raised in a classroom

Science teacher shortfall hits most disadvantaged

6 February 2017

Trainee recruitment targets not met for the past five years

Teaching apprentices

Government earmarks £170m for technical institutes

30 January 2017

New Institutes of Technology aim to bolster technical education

Students at desks in school

International studies highlight low teacher morale in UK

13 December 2016

PISA and TIMSS show mixed results for the UK

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Grammar schools evidence i stock 51057820 300tb[1]

Grammar schools: what the evidence says

23 September 2016By Lee Elliot Major

Lee Elliot Major of the Sutton Trust discusses the impact of selective education.

Education research shutterstock 139305425 300tb[1]

Why don't teachers use education research in teaching?

9 August 2016By

Paul MacLellan digs into the problem with research from Durham, a secondary school teacher and a journal editor

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A screenshot of the interactive synthetic lab tour from the ABPI website

Pharmaceuticals explained

The ins and outs of the pharmaceutical industry

Book cover (partial) - Let's talk about data

Let’s talk about data

Developing data-handling skills


Carbon chemistry

An online teacher CPD course from the Royal Society of Chemistry

EiC217 - Review - Chemistry for You

Chemistry for You

My GCSE textbook of choice

Cover extract - Language of Mathematics in Science

The language of mathematics in science

Mathematical good practice

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