A private tutor and student surrounded by books and a laptop

Private tuition harms social mobility

23 March 2018By

The gap is widening for those who can’t afford it

Mature male with a small group of male and females, he is using a bore micrometer and a vernier to measure. Standing in a confined dim lit area surrounded by machinery.

Schools aren't doing enough to expose pupils to employers

21 March 2018By Oli Hallam

Now there is increasing support for schools to provide it

Woman working late at her desk, cleaner vacuuming in background

Working nine to nine

6 March 2018By

A harmful overwork culture

Stylised sketch of four people around a watercooleer

Memorable teaching

26 February 2018By

What’s your most memorable teaching experience? The RSC education team recount some of theirs

A plant sprouting from the pages of a book

Why I teach chemistry as a creative discipline

14 February 2018By

Chemistry needs creative approaches and it is possible to teach them

person carrying a heavy load

Unstacking the odds

15 December 2017By

The role chemistry teachers can play in tackling social immobility

Exam invigilator as pupils take an exam

Exams – the insider’s perspective

5 December 2017By

Neil Goalby writes exam questions – the work is creative and benefits his teaching

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Map of the world made up of blue dots, lines connecting continents

Policymakers are misusing international education rankings

6 April 2018

Statisticians call for more subtle analyses of data

A horseshoe magnet attracting four metal figures made out of metal

5% pay rise needed to fix science teacher shortage

3 April 2018

Report calls for early career pay supplement

Girl sitting at a table with a look of regret

Girls say they regret dropping STEM subjects

21 March 2018

Parent pressure and a lack of confidence influence students’ decisions

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‘Outstanding’ schools more likely to seek specialist science teachers

23 February 2018

Report finds ‘substantial inequalities’ in system

Many portrait polaroid photos arranged on a wall

Recognition for technicians

20 February 2018

Techognition week is here

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Make your own ultra-violet (UV) spectrometer

Students win prizes for homemade spectrometers

22 March 2018By

Inspired chemistry projects

Bird's eye view of animated crowd

Gender inequality problems remain in higher education

28 February 2018By

In 2015, only 9% of chemistry professors were women

Pile of numbers

A new definition for the mole

6 February 2018By

What’s the impact on teaching and exams?

Row of students sitting exam in a hall

Six lessons from the 2017 exams

1 February 2018By

How to best prepare for the 2018 A-level chemistry exam

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Cover image from the book 'what else can a teacher do'

What else can a teacher do?

Help for teachers to remain in or leave teaching

Calculations in chemistry, front cover

Calculations in chemistry: an introduction

Packed with questions and problems for undergraduate students

The cover of Strange Chemistry

Strange chemistry

The stories your chemistry teacher wouldn’t tell you

Cropped cover

Implementing departmental change

US schools move towards inquiry-based teaching

9781138121515 jpg

How to make the most of mistakes

Being wrong can be good (sometimes)

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