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Why I teach chemistry as a creative discipline

14 February 2018By

Chemistry needs creative approaches and it is possible to teach them

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Unstacking the odds

15 December 2017By

The role chemistry teachers can play in tackling social immobility

Exam invigilator as pupils take an exam

Exams – the insider’s perspective

5 December 2017By

Neil Goalby writes exam questions – the work is creative and benefits his teaching

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Spotting spurious claims in education

30 November 2017By Nick Rose

Inoculate yourself against pseudoscience

Empty scales, weighed down on one side

Teaching workloads and pay don’t add up

7 November 2017By Ross Colman

A bursary and training support eased my transition into teaching, but the work-life balance after two years made me look elsewhere

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You are what you wear

3 November 2017By

Does donning a lab coat mean more to us than we realise?

Generic software programming language

Why should chemistry students learn to code?

26 October 2017By Cate Cropper

How the University of Liverpool is training students to meet the demands of industry

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Recognition for technicians

20 February 2018

Get ready for Techognition week

Five smiley faces of increasing happiness with 1–5 stars

What satisfies science teachers?

7 February 2018

Wine? Chocolate? Apparently not

Upturned cylinder of water being displaced by gas produced

Teaching bedbound learners practical science

10 January 2018

The challenges of practical science on a hospital ward

Damian Hinds, Education Secretary from 8/1/2018

Damian Hinds is new education secretary

9 January 2018

Will the new minister get to grips with pressing problems like teacher retention?

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ASE launches support for teachers thinking about quitting

4 January 2018

A framework for considering options within and outside of education

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A new definition for the mole

6 February 2018By

What’s the impact on teaching and exams?

Row of students sitting exam in a hall

Six lessons from the 2017 exams

1 February 2018By

How to best prepare for the 2018 A-level chemistry exam

Forked path

Why teach BTECs?

22 January 2018By

The vocational alternative to A-levels

Stained Glass window depicting Catholic saints in the Cathedral of Saint Bavo in Ghent, Flanders, Belgium, including Jesus, Saint Paul and Saint Joseph

Do you really know what glass is?

11 January 2018By

The glass debate resurfaces and it’s never crystal clear. Why do we care about its label anyway?

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How to make the most of mistakes

Being wrong can be good (sometimes)

ChemReax screenshot

Science by Simulation: ChemReaX

A powerful online tool that can enhance practical work

Cover image for the book 'The really useful book of secondary science experiments'

The really useful book of secondary science experiments

101 essential activities to support teaching and learning

Extract from the book cover

A perfect formative assessment primer

Using formative assessment to enhance learning

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